1. Ridley we gotta have that x guy and not two or 3 years from now replace dez now!!!!!

  2. The million dollar question is Randy Gregory. If he plays this season and is a beast, it would pay off if Dallas draft a receiver or tight end in the first round.

  3. I go to mavericks before every game. They shuttle you right across the street from the stadium entrance. We need to trade down get Sutton or chark in 2nd round with Jerome baker Ohio lb or shaq griffen . And Terrell Edmunds safety from virgina tech in 3rd with another 3rd round pick. Or another 4th round pick on top of are 4th round pick.

  4. Law Nation knows his shit.

  5. hmm too many receivers, not enough tight ends. depth is needed. ☆☆☆

  6. Everyone is hi on Ridley.

    If we get a WR in 1-2 round, and he produces like Kupp did for LA. Would that be good enough?

  7. Do you think the Cowboys are waiting until the draft to trade for Earl Thomas? That would be a Jerry thing to do…

  8. Cowboys draft is about as predictable as our play calling. Rd 1 Calvin Ridley and Rd 2 we will use that pick on an unknown Maurice Hurst ( heart condition) and he won’t play this year

  9. I sure would like to taste some of that pull pork u gonna cook big mark

  10. Would absolutely love vita vea

  11. I follow both of you ,great job guys!

  12. First pick will hernandez

  13. No receiver in first round!!!

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