1. The Rehab could be a condition for his custody for his child. Some states required this coming from him failing NFL testing.

  2. All I can say is that we should pray for Irving..

    With that said….the Cowboys should move on with the DTs that are both available and hungry to make a name for themselves.

  3. Yeah, I get frustrated everytime I think about how they did Brice Butler!! All season my family and I could see he was doing well, AND more importantly, how he and Dak had that chemistry down. Another organizational decision that does not compute. Hopefully, one of the new receivers will surprise us in a positive way!

  4. That instrumental though ?????

  5. Cowboys will win the SB after Jason Garrett is out.long as he's Head coach it won't happen.

  6. I said a while ago to cut him. Everyone else said no. He isn't dedicated to this team. People would give anything to be in his shoes to play in the NFL!

  7. Cut or not we still going to be The Dalles Cowboys!!!
    Good stuff fam!!!

  8. If he pulls threw this session ama buy his jersey

  9. What's Up Law Nation ?

  10. We have several good players at DE. Take one of the these guys with size/speed and slide him to DT on passing downs, Jaylon Smith has the moves and quickness to also slide to DE on passing downs as well. Utilize the defensive speed on the field to create havoc.

  11. I don't think it's right.They suspended ZEKE for 6Weeks.Irvin gets a pat on the back.Bull.Much Love ???

  12. Dawkins from the eagles

  13. One cannot say 'it's the law of averages' when there are teams that have never even been to a Super Bowl…they have the same if not more that's due to them. No team is entitled to any thing but if one wants to use this so-called law then it goes all ways.
    Not just because one is a DC fan.

  14. Brice butler was balling and dez was dropping the ball and Twill blew it several games

  15. i think david is a dam good player but what worries me is his distraction to the team and this is i dont know if they keep him or not this could hurt the team either way

  16. Your right!! DT & FS are troublesome! Too thin @ both!
    Please address Law.

  17. Law i almost always agree with you but damn you need to stop with this cut david irvin crap. Theres other ways to discipline a guy and THERES LITERALLY NO BENEFIT FOR US CUTTING HIM. HE WILL BE PICKED UP BY ANOTHER TEAM IMMEDIATELY AND THEREFORE YOU ARE TEACHING HIM NOTHING.

    Do you really want to see him playing in an eagles uniform destroying us??? Think about what yall are saying…

  18. Garrett isn’t on the HOT seat. Okay that question has been answered.

    Question remains, what’s the verdict on Scott Linehan?

  19. Let’s bring Earl Thomas home!

  20. There is no depth at dt so Irving got plenty of chances and time….

  21. And it might be to lighten or lift a suspension ????

  22. Sprinkle in a little Zeke, Rod, Dak, Austin and Hurns and we got this playa!!!!!!!

  23. Ayy I think Irving Gregory and D Law is what will take us there defense wins championships

  24. If we can get everybody on the field at the same time for once

  25. Plenty times we gave twill opportunities when dez was out and he's done nothing

  26. It's our time. We wanted change & we got it! Now time to capitalize on it! I was 12 when we got our last SB ring lol I need us to get a lot more

  27. Yo! Datz Y da Boyz have a brand new Nu coachin staff. Everythang Gon' be aiGht.. Think Positive!!

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