1. I swear, watching bona fide slot receivers do what they do is so fun.

  2. beasely easily is the best against the best in the world sadley there is no contest life and death dbs need to take rest cause when you hear hike cbs you getting hands to the chest

  3. It’s never too much sauce!!

  4. Maybe he wont get double teamed all year

  5. The Beezer, hot Dallas Cowboy!

  6. The title tho?!?!? had me like what he grew 6 more inches.

  7. He was a bum last year, now that Dez and Witten are gone he’ll be even more trash ??

  8. My dudes footwork is on point

  9. He goin to show his best with Tavon around..will bring the best out of both of em

  10. He’s always been quick just had a tough year last season because he was #1 in 2016 so they ganged up on him in 2017. By the way that’s why Dez was crying….

  11. Between this and being in the walking dead…this guy must be busy 24/7

  12. Nice feet. Remember to catch the ball when it's thrown to you

  13. Law you may be right but this guy is very smallish.

  14. Yo this Texas mann got skills!!! Hands

  15. Wonder what they go about our receivers went they start making plays come game time.

  16. That boy is nasty. Def still miss Dunbar though. How's he done since he left?

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