1. I'm sure Weeden looked like Dak in camp also and no one was concerned either.

  2. Sorry brother but you break down a little film and now you wanna call camp vanilla when Dak does poor? That's insane. If Dak was playing lights out in camp and you would be praising Dak and how great he is. People are talking about Dak's throwing, decisions and ball placement. That by it self doesn't happen unless Dak has an injury because those passes and int's are on Dak. It's also just his throwing and placement that people are saying is suspect in Dak. Dallas has also never hide what they want to do in the season like the Patriots have done in preseason, also the Patriots will play players in preseason in different ways then Dallas does.

  3. I don't make too much out of nothing until the Preseason walk through. Even then there are some things I would like to see, but we won't see it all even in that game.

    People need to also understand that running drills against your own defense is not the same as running against another teams defense. They are NOT DRILLS.

    I'm taking a knee again this season so I won't see anything unless it is a replay of the game.
    I wish them well in any case.

    I'm not a packers or a Rodgers fan, but he said it. Now how many of his fans will LISTEN to him is the question.

  4. John Sparks is and IDIOT Rico has more catches and TD's than any TE in camp with the least amount of reps and has been 1 of the best blocking TE's on the team he has 2 pancakes blocks that I've seen so far and he also has 1 assist where he gets double team and opens it up for the RB to catch A TD JOHN SPARKS KEEP YOUR GOT DAMN MOUTH SHUT YOU DON'T KNOW SH*T!!!

  5. Dak made headway in the preseason… we fell in love with Dak in the preseason… now we supposed to not get fooled by the vanilla lol… we fell in love with him off the vanilla… point blank period… no reason he should go through training camp without throwing a touchdown.

  6. Only 2 Away to 30k subs!! congrats law keep up the good work

  7. give rico another full year of football… and not practice squad – but rather the 53 roster. maybe he will make the jump this year as blake jarwin did last year.

  8. anthony brown seems to do well when he is driving forward to make a play, but i wanna to see his play when he has to turn, run and go deep downfield – will he turn that head around to make the big defensive play ?

  9. is noah brown eligible for practice squad if he doesnt make 53 roster ?

  10. some players are just not practice players – and this is perfect time to work on mechanics – game time brings Dak on

  11. Damn law now you got me running to the grocery store for icecream.

  12. I think your right this Defense is gonna show its very very strong.

  13. What's wrong with vanilla?

  14. Oh ya I luv what I see in practice. There's a fire now

  15. Dak gone hurt your feelings Law Nation just like Tony Romo used to do play good but when it matters he gone come up short then the criticism will come in waves …Bet me ON that..

  16. The coach for 0-16 lions was Rod Marinilli

  17. Got me wanting some ice cream

  18. Dak will do just fine he just need take his time and make right read n will b great

  19. That looks like yummy ice cream ? ? ?

  20. People fail to understand that practice is about trying new things out, which means throwing a ball you wouldn't ordinarily throw in order to test your boundaries and see where you can improve. Mistakes are learning opportunities. I'd prefer to not see mistakes on those throws, but I'm not going to sweat it. Cooper Rush wouldn't be able to show up against the 1st string and I think a lot of his throws were outplays from the receivers (1st stringers) outplaying the DBs (2nd stringers).

  21. Hey bro the whole world is nervous about Derek because they see we got a backup that's laying the ball in there most of the time so I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens right

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