1. First Law Nation I need a shout out cause its early

  2. Unless Zeke gets demoted to the PS…ain’t happening

  3. We Cowboys released him today

  4. size…speed…power. nuff said! think armored car that's as fast as a Ferrari.

  5. THIS IS NOT A 1 – 2 PUNCH

  6. Zeke,Rod,Bo! Killers

  7. Just well done videos like always ,,, thanks bro! Pure POWER BACK FIELD !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I told y'all Bo ??? Scarsbrough is nothing to play with, Hell of come up

  9. Fuck the Cowbitches!!!

  10. He can catch one hand, he can cant down a his knees……..but all I give a damn about it is can he catch the damn thing when its right in his face and with TWO hands! That's where the ball will be 75% of the time.

  11. Lord please help our cornerbacks Amen

  12. We talkin bout practice

  13. My god they are gonna be sick together

  14. "Bo Scaa-Brah" -Law

  15. The Cowboys now have a one 2 punch at runningback

  16. T will has always been just ok with some good plays and a big one every once in a while. But man the dude has never been consistent honestly. But maybe we'll see if he can step it up this year since Dez ain't around anymore and it's pretty much open. But if he continues to have the productivity he's been havin in past years man they can just make way with him already man. Honestly tho I don't think anything will change with him,he always starts off ok and just falls off or just really don't see much of him. Not hatin on the dude neither but when dez was here and not doin anything man,he never really stepped up to do anything for the team honestly. I just think honestly tho he's not that good that's all.

  17. TWill hey show up! He can play just show up! He need to focus on football and if he do…uh oh ?. Don’t know one want to play the Cowboys this year if they play physical football

  18. No one talks about Bo. Good job bringing him up. Bo is a badass and Zeke is a fucking Monster. I like this team. Watch out! We gonna be better than people think ????

  19. I like this channel but keep it 100 about TWILL bro…..i dont care if he did a back flip in mid air and then caught it with one hand..the dude does not show up in real games on SUNDAY….keep it real on your channel…stop actin like this dude is goin to do this in real games because hes not…..FACTS

  20. Man you trippin about Twill…he always have good camps but when it really matters in real games the dude is straight trash..if your a REAL cowboys fan you should know this…..TWILL IS GARBAGE..bruh

  21. Law Nation when you run into Shango get him to share his pokie bowls with you man!

  22. The running game will open up the passing game cause pounding the defenses with zeke who has speed plus can run you over, then rod smith with speed, and then Bo with speed and cand run you over will has defenses wore down.

  23. Id also like to point out xavier woods flying in from center field like a true fs

  24. PLEEAASSE let bo make the team and zeke be healthy

  25. That’s mean zeke won’t get that many touches

  26. In a real game twill wouldn't of made that catch it would've been a hit or pass deflect

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