1. Does anyone remember the comments Dak made after the Denver game. He said that he didn't respect the Nfl because everything was easy. Sanchez was in the AFC Championship game his first 2 years . I appreciate both of you guys making these video because you are reinforcing what i was seeing live. I have never seen the coaches film or know how to break it down but your analysis is right on point. Dak also made the comment that he wants receivers to run percise routes but he doesn't throw percise passes.


  3. Dak needs to work on the Check down more often

  4. Its just one of those things!

  5. What people are failing to realize is that Tony wasn't on the sidelines in 2017 coaching Dak up.

    In 2016 Tony was a stand up man and he instilled a lot of knowledge and hence consciousness

  6. it’s stills the same cause 2016 Dez missed 4 games, and when he came back Dak still look good with Dez for the rest of the season, so what change for the 2017 season

  7. unfortunately, this O coaching staff hasn't had the sophistication to properly develop and utilize qbs and plenty of other talented players over the clappers reign.
    will the new blood change and improve this, or will it be we still come up wanting? the head is still the same. so it remains to be seen. thanks Lawman. ☆☆☆

  8. So you saying Chaz Green is not a bum…my man you losing credibility by the minute

  9. OKOYE you saying Dak cost us Romo and Dez and posting 3 vids on how bad Dak is and 4 or so vids on how good Dez is Cherry picking to fit your narrative, that tells me you don't like Dak and think Romo should still be our guy. I personally feel Romo would have been injured with the same hits Dak took. I think that's part of why they went with Dak over Romo and I also think that's why no team picked him up despite several teams in severe need of a good QB.

  10. You must be talking about 2016? Because Terrence William's didnt get 1 touchdown in 2017.. not 1 single one

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