1. Valuable Feedback needed | The Every Dallas Cowboys Sack Video that I recently posted. The YouTube and Google Analytic report basically states that it was a waste of my time. Also, according to the report it seems about right far views etc. So, that I don’t waste your time and my time Cowboys Nation, I really need to know, Should I do more videos like that Please comment (Yes) or (No) Thank you all for the honest feedback. Salute!!!

  2. Great vid…. This line is tearing up OLs..

  3. You always have Great Videos & new & exiting content for us Cowboy fans!! Please keep em coming!! Well so worth it!😊

  4. D-Law is a menacing sack specialist n this D-Line is following his lead! I’ve been patiently waiting the return of David Irving to this lineup. Ohh my GAWD! It’s gonna be hell for opposing QB’s this season!!!

  5. The defense isn't a problem, but it sucks how the offense isn't the same.

  6. As much as I hate Tyrone Crawford he’s been beasting so far lol

  7. Isnt Irving coming back this game coming up?

  8. David Irving coming back and he came off of SUSPENSION yesterday this week he will be back with the commencing of Week 5 New England Patriots VS Indianapolis Colts on FOX Channel 5.

  9. What's crazy about the NYG game is that all 6 sacks were by different dudes. We need more of that going forward we had 3 against DET but they were all by DLaw.

  10. Gregory and Taco will come through again you watch. Irving on another level though.

  11. Our guys are talented I jus wish the coaching was too

  12. Now let’s put some Irving 🍒 on top

  13. #DDD3
    Dallas Doomsday part 3
    Welcome back David Irvin

  14. Irvin is back this week!!!!

  15. We have the D-Line rotation to do so much!

  16. D Law got 6 just in this clip yeah he gonna easily have 20 by the end of the season

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