1. If Travis doesn't start the season is already lost. God damn being a Cowboys fan is disheartening.

  2. 8-8 season again?

  3. ((I mean seriously wtf? Mark doesn't barely use video clips. What the hell did they wack him about?))

  4. Chaz Green has got to go!!!!

  5. There's a method to the madness….the fight scenarios is the defense TOUGHENING up the offensive line. My opinion.

  6. Garrett won't be going anywhere regardless ?? Sucks !

  7. Man hope Travis is OK ??Think they may have to address the online depth some more .Injury bug strikes again !!!

  8. Center is the QB for the blocking assignments! He calls out the mike! Than depending on play makes adjustments with QB (Dak) so we need to draft a young stud at center! Connor will be ok bro! Have some positive attitude about the season! They are “Pros” so let them go earn it! Ok Law I get what you say but you hurt your QB in preseason than year is definite done before they even start!

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