1. I love how y’all give Prescott a break for not having a offensive line and no running game. Romo’s trash though for not having the same things. Prescott has it a lot better than Romo ever did. Romo makes teammates better, Prescott can’t even make a back shoulder throw. Romo’s a slow ass white guy, can avoid pressure a lot better than Dak.

  2. I love how yall think y’all know how Jason Garrettt is in the locker room. You stupid.

  3. 2016 was perfect when we lost the great Tony Romo and we had to start a 4th round rookie at QB.rookies all over the field. Your stupid big ga James.

  4. Jason Garrett is the man.

  5. Now big game James is an idiot too Jason Garrett didn’t fumble the ball in the rams game.

  6. Marinelli is the defensive coordinator, Eberflus wasn’t.

  7. Marinelli makes all these no names we got on defense better.

  8. We need Josey Jewel in the draft.

  9. Computer is Stupid as fuck ,drug addict, Fool. Love the show minus computer.

  10. Sean Lee is more of a dog than McClain

  11. Computer on drugs or something. Dumb as fuck, ingnorant piece of shit. Love u Law.

  12. Computer is an ignorant fool.

  13. No way you got her number.
    I'd much rather hear Law or Darreck then the other two arguing about the unchangeable past and talk like their in team meetings. I guess the saying "empty can rattles the most" is in play here. Law or Darreck certainly doesn't need them. Computer you Know why you have to keep saying let me finish, because you never quit talking.

  14. Computer and big game James must come from a single parent black female home. They are feminine, take everything personally and continually express feelings rather than facts. The few times that the white guy TRIES to interject lucid thought, logic or sense…one of the girls either does an ad hominem attack or starts giggling.

  15. Mane Computer funny as hell thats that Memphis #WestTN

  16. Good show but the sound is to choppy

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