1. No nfc east champion has repeated in almost 15 years. If that's not the toughest division in football, show me one tougher.

  2. LAW!! Brother, I am so glad YOU took this piece of trash written by some low life egglets tool. They won a SB, hoo yaa for them. I got news for this simpleton and all egglets fans, they will see this season what all that diareia  of the mouth is going to get them… We WILL split the 2 games with them. 1&1, and take this division back right out from under them. KEEP this article, so we can go to their fan site and POSt this rubbish all over that shit. BTW boys, remember even a shit eating eagle taste damn good when cooked down in a rich, brown gravy!

  3. Bulletin board material in the NFL is dangerous, Players love to stick it to sports writers and people who disbelieve… All I gots to say is well see when we put the pads on were gonna bring the pain on defense and run it down their throats ALL DAMN DAY !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. That PHILLY comment about the dumpster fire is classy… WELL SEE. lets play football

  5. Law what u mean by Dallas is "PC?" ?

  6. Eagles ain't SHIT wen dey get more than 1 championship dey Still sorry get 5 Championship den cum n talk that Walk u Talking.. Cowboys 4Life…

  7. Law you killed this ved broo good work mannn puro pinche cowboys

  8. Law waz gud,,lmao,you wild law,,Philadelphia should be enjoying they 1 bed, 1 bath lmao.Thats right.Our boys gone get at them.

  9. There's nobody on the Eagles team that has the speed and the talent as Tavon Austin and Ezekiel Elliott.

  10. man it seems like tha eagles just gone pile on and kick us while we down but karma is a bitch tho

  11. That Indy game in '14 was a straight murder

  12. Hell yeah law.. well said bro

  13. We are the Dallas Cowboys ? Big D baby!!! The media loves the Cowboys!!! We gonna win Philly we own y'all str8 up!!!!

  14. The cowboys will be fine as far as the eagles they are worried, because they know their short time is up so nix that article

  15. Just gotta say, my brother from another mother ?
    Off the muscle you said a mouthful that I'm gonna rub in from here on out

    If you're not NE, San Fran, Pittsburg, etc don't talk to me about how long it's been
    Heck, we gave a 22yrs hiatus & no-one else has come close besides the Patriots in catching up

    SF & pitt were neck & neck with us decades ago
    Then Dak wasn't suppose to carry the broken O line, the inexperienced & oft suspended/injured defense

    That's not what even the titled ? GOAT Tom Brady can do
    I've written before that Philly accused Prescott of being a system QB
    (when every Qb is technically)
    but now Wentz & Foles both are proven system QB ???
    By Philly's very own criteria


  17. everybody is sleeping on our boys . KRIS RICHARD GOT THESE BOYS ON FIRE

  18. Law, forget about this fool, that jerk been talkin trash, doin the same thing for 10 years.

  19. Oh yeah Gallup is no joke!

  20. If Gathers learns to block and take a hit we good on TE. Plus if Hurns and Austin even do half of what Dez and Butler did we good. Here’s where I think we’ll be excellent, Running back! Bo, Elliot, and Smith oh my goodness. Our Defense has a huge potential sticker on it. Let’s get results out of our young talent.

    A Giants fan made this I bet.

  21. I’m DC4L but #9 on the list was hilarious. Sean Lee soft tissue made of dandy lions and paper mache ????? that was a good. The rest was corny. Well surprise the league this year with all of our new faces.

  22. A Law i I know you don't condone this but F the brid brains WHO WITH ME!!!!!!!!????? COWBOYS NATION

  23. my boy law ," show up and show out"

  24. Who was making the TACKLES consecutively against them and the NY Giants? Well, Sean Lee (Former Penn State Nittany Lion)

  25. That article is a joke lol

  26. Law, that article is FAKE A-S-S NEWS because there is NO EVIDENCE to substantiate any of that and as you alluded to we'll see what it takes for the Philadelphia Eagles to SUPPLANT the Dallas Cowboys PERIOD POINT BLANK!!!

  27. I don't mean to get RELIGIOUS on y'all

    ⏩Proverbs 18:21, IT IS WRITTEN, "DEATH and LIFE are in the Power of the tongue and whosoever shall love it shall eat the fruit thereof"

    ⏩Chapter 18:8 & 26:22, "The words of a talebearer are as wounds coming from the innermost part of the belly"

    ⏩Chapter 16:24, "Pleasant words are as a honeycomb sweet to the soul, health to the bones"

    ⏩James 3:8, "The tongue NO MAN can tame; It is an UNRULY EVIL full of deadly poison"

    ⏩Matthew 5:37, JESUS said, IT IS WRITTEN, "Let your communication be Yea Yea, Nay Nay; For whatsoever is more than these cometh of EVIL"

  28. The eagirls Coach Doug pederson had a video on the RPO'S he ran https://youtu.be/LUGp69L1ryc

  29. The Philadelphia Eagles should SHUT THE SHEOL UP and focus on what they have to do to repeat as Super Bowl Champs and hoist up that Vince Lombardi Trophy.

  30. Well, Law if you think about it Travis Frederick, Zach Martin, and Tyron Smith…

    ⏩Travis Frederick (Former Wisconsin Badger), is the Anchor who has the Assignment of OPENING UP holes for Zeke to run through when Runs up the middle are being called by Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan.

  31. That music has a lot of SUSPENSE to it as if a Hunter is about to hunt down it's prey.

  32. Its all about spreading the Wealth to the players we have. Cowboys aren't New to this we are True to this…they will RECOGNIZE SOON ENOUGH HATERS GONNA HATE

  33. You should be enjoying your house ???

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