1. Yo its funny cause I'm watching the super bowl cause WE DEM EAGLES HA….

  2. I'm not even watching the Super Bowl this year because I can't enjoy a game where I can't stand either team. For a Cowboys fan, the Patriots haven't done anything to us directly. I'm just tired of all the refs helping them win games to keep them on top. The Eagles on the other hand, will never let us forget that they have made it to the Super Bowl twice since the last time we went. I get angry at Jerry Jones and "Carrot Top" every time I think about the Eagles going to the Super Bowl. They have a 2nd year coach, A backup QB, and a bunch of their star players out with injuries and their coaching staff STILL were successful in getting them to the Super Bowl. We had a 7 year veteran coach, 1 RB out for 6 games, 1 MLB out every other week, and 1 OT out every other week with injuries and our coaching staff couldn't even get us to a Wildcard game. That's sad on so many levels. I will literally have to root for the less of the two evils if I watch the game. I don't want the Patriots to win again and I don't want the Eagles to win because of their obnoxious fans with all that "fly eagles fly" shit. So I'm in between a rock and a hard place. I'll probably spend time with my wife to score some brownie points instead of watching the game because between College Football on Saturday's and the NFL on Sunday's, I haven't done anything with her for the past 6 months 🙂

  3. Cowboys are scared to pull their draws down Law. They’re scared to take chances.

  4. Don't talk bad about Bryan Broaddus at least. He knows Garrett needs to go, he said it a million times. He won't ever say a thing about Jerry though.

  5. How did we not see any Rico Gathers after his showing in preseason? Why hardly any Ryan Switzer??? BS man, it's like Butler said, about the $.

  6. Lol ? let it dangle..

  7. Jason Witten over the hill man I'm sorry he need to go…

  8. A law let's go get Carlos Hyde will be great back up for Zeke for competition..

  9. The problem isn't Jason Garrett he is just a pawn the problem is Jerry Jones even if he was to fire Garrett you think Jones will bring in somebody that will take any credit away from him if this team wins, Jones wants a coach that even if the Cowboys win a Super Bowl he will get more of the credit then that head coach will.  This is all about Jones wanting a major hand in every single thing positive or negative when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys.

  10. ..we as cowboys fans need to humble ourselves and give respect where its due

    And get better next year…

  11. Sick to my stomach

  12. Look cowpies that what a great team and coaching team looks like. FLY EAGLES FLY

  13. I am a cowboys fan I hope eagles win the whole thing I hate new england

  14. Is there a small part of your soul that wants your underdog, red-headed step-child of the NFCE, little brother to just win ONE and prevent Brady from getting a SIXTH? I mean, you'll always have the dynasty, the triplets, etc. But for the love of GOD I just want ONE. Y'all can have the next 10 if I just get fucking ONE for all I care.

  15. I doubt they beat the Patriots BUT it must be said. This Roseman guy has made moves Jerry Jones has wet dreams about. He fleeced the Dolphins and Browns to move up and get Wentz, he fleeced the Vikings getting a 1st round pick for Derek Barnett, he fleeced the Dolphins for Jay Ajayi on a 4th round fucking pick, and he just picks up free agents that help their team like its going out of style. Darby, Jenkins, Blount, Jeffrey, Smith, Sproles ( understand he was injured but still ), and I'm sure I'm missing guys. Cowboys are straight TRASH when it comes to Free Agency, trades, and just straight up building depth for this team. This Roseman guy also has the balls to fire a head coach if hes not producing Chip fucking Kelly. Jerry Jones needs to be more visceral with these coaches and players, he falls in love with coaches and players and then never wants to get rid of them. Don't have the money for free agents? DUMP THE FUCKING PLAYERS WHO DON'T PRODUCE OR WHO ARE OLD. Seriously how does Jason Garrett and Linehan still have jobs? You have 9-7 teams and even a team in the Titans WHO WON A FUCKING PLAYOFF GAME AND STILL FIRED THEIR HEAD COACH! Nick Foles?! Why the fuck is he not a Cowboy? ITS NOT LIKE WE NEED A BACKUP QB! Earl Thomas? FUCK HIM lets keep Dez Bryant! I bet Earl Thomas would be willing to take a pay cut to be a Cowboy. This team is infuriating. Infuriating and inconsistent and its been that way for 22 years.

  16. So much needs to be talked about and we still have jerry Jones as the owner

  17. YO LAW, I heard you mention that fool mike fisher..I ?@ his twitter, he said there was 5 guys the BOYZ where scouting @ the senior bowl, Allen Lazard, Jaylon Samuels,Marcus Davenport, Quin Blanding & Darius Leonard….”I SAW NOTHING” maybe a little something from that Quin kid…..please tell me I’m wrong…but I saw nothing.

  18. I rather see the pats win it b/c I hate the eagles with ever bone in my body and everything about them just disgusting I never thought I would ever be going for Tom Brady and pats need to starting drinking to deal with this lol #firegarrett

  19. I can't believe I'm rooting for the Patriots now I may not watch the Superbowl this year

  20. We're the loveable losers..like the cubs use to be..

  21. Im not buying no more cowboys anything..until jj do better..ive had enough of this bs..cowboys fans got to take a freaking stand..

  22. cannot stand that cowboys front office. constant face palms. every damn year. 8-8 or 9-7 at best next year. #markmywords

  23. Blake fucking bottles took his team further that Tony fumble at the two Romo

  24. Never in my Life have I wish Tom Brady win a Super Bowl until now smh I just wish Jason GARRETT gets fired .Doug took Eagles to Super Bowl in 2years without starting LT and QB smh who ever still believes in GARRETT is crazy

  25. It's all good pats going too eat them boys up ,then after that super bowl slump watch lol ??

  26. PHI is gonna beat NE family!

  27. wow,vikings secondary coach going to be looking for a new job after this. lol ! but the philthy D showed up to play hardball today, gotta give it to them, the better team definitely won here,but they won't beat the Pats,best believe,just like we'll never get to the bowl with coach jerrutt. you're 100% Law, lmao, big D has become the elephants graveyard of sentimentality, thanks again jerruh. smh

  28. Need a young playmaking te jason whit can not be only te catching pases/play rico/draft m andrews if ya can

  29. Dak has to play better no deep ball but its more than that throws a lot of uncatchable passes/nick foles light up min they have great defense

  30. I totally agree with you.. JG is not the answer , unfortunately Jerry cannot accept the fact that his decision to make JG head coach was wrong

  31. Hope Jerry has been watching and knows his trash head coach will never beat the Eagles.

  32. Fake Jason Garrett sounds like the real one https://youtu.be/Nihbne0IGtw

  33. YO LAW, I apologize for dropping the F……Bomb before “ I lost it” Salute

  34. In the last 5 years the Cowboys are the only #1 seed not to make it to the Super Bowl ugh! Just more salt in the wound

  35. What a trash Super Bowl it's going to be ?

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