1. you r wrong about rod m he teaches his d line to get up field an to play the run on the way to the QB but with this shit line he has to have them stunt if you think im lie n to you go look at the tampa bay bucs when he was the D line coach Tb hade a good end in Simeon Rice and a good DT in Warren sapp an they would never twist or stunt but with out a good DT he has to coach what they have is D is all about getting to the QB an getting there fast

  2. Law when i watch your videos ot verry clear that im watching NOTHING BUT THE BEST!!!!!

  3. Law what times do u go live? I wanna make sure I'm watching and participating with the discussions. Thank you

  4. Missed this Law sorry and I asked for it! Jihad Ward on practice notes have been doing great! Crawford should be moved back inside?! I want the same as you Law, like a monster in the middle! No finesse inside players no more! I want a nasty inside tackle that can use finesse when he wants to! It frees up our LBs to take less impact and LB can do what he’s best at attacking the ball! Mahalo Law, 808-Yong

  5. So I do wonder myself the combination of the two defensive coaches. It might take a couple games to merge the two styles. Rod is give a little not a lot. Rashard is press up and dont get beat or it's going to be bad. Who's going to call stunts, twists, blitzes? Curious how it plays out.

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