1. I not lying Noah brown went to my high school at Pope John high school in New Jersey

  2. We do have a nice group of wr
    Especially if gallup developed twill hurns and cole all benefit from the presence of cooper

  3. Will he be included in the game plan? Will Dak have time to throw to him? Can Dak throw accurately? This season is a bust!

  4. There is no way he is going to be anything close to the next "X" Receiver look at all the plays be played not the select few he doesn't put the 110% effort like 88

  5. Noah Brown is a threat let's go get it 85 u got Kevin Williams old number

  6. Tell Dallas that but the staff going do the opposite. Another bad OC play calling. The defense in good shape cowboys have two guru coaches on defense. For Dallas make the playoffs it's going be because of the defense

  7. Come on bro, hes not the next X RECEIVER, your showing preseason nonstarters as competition

  8. Allen Hurns, Michael Gallup, Cole Beasley, Tavon Austin (listed as RB), Noah Brown make it.

    Maybe: Cedric Wilson, Deonte Thompson

    Cut Terrance Williams.

  9. why not cut loose Terrence Williams and go with the young guys? Gallup looks like he will become Daks favorite target. Cedric Wilson from Boise St. really looks good. Noah Brown looked good last pre season.

  10. Guys remember when the cowboys show came out on amazon. Garret said that the person who works out will get that position and touches maybe this will surprise us cause maybe he will be starting or get a lot more touches and his 3rd year he can hopefully start but #LetsGoCowboysss

  11. One thing he has going for him is that run blocking is going to be very important in the early going this year as we adjust to the new starters. Brown is strong and big.

  12. I think hes close to a 4.6 guy but its not all about that. We will see what hes about because the young horses are there this year to take his place.

  13. Too many damn replays atleast let the play…play out. Then go back after geeze

  14. This will be Noah Brown coming out year. Best WR on the team – Dallas Dynasty Ascension – All Parts are in Place – 1Team

  15. With more touches Noah brown will be a big threat for us.. nice frame.. nice hands ( except the fumble on the rac..) but he's not afraid to fight for extra yards.. we will need that toughness on offense

  16. Noah is too slow…. THAT'S his big issue….unfortunately, and why we were able to draft him so late in the draft

  17. I remember when everyone said miles austin couldnt be the X reciever.

  18. Man stop that shytt with the widereciever hype ??if dak can throw an win a playoff game he NEED 150 million in sorry bro them receivers are shytttttt

  19. Noah is a receiver that is just unique and it would be wrong for the Cowboys not to have this young man on the 53 man roster

  20. This guy should not be allowed to put a video together ever again…yikes!

  21. who is returning kicks?

  22. Uhh…… No ?? unless X is for no longer. Then maybe

  23. He’s a big target. He’ll have to really stand out as a WR and especially ST.

  24. just been a long time since we had this young a team yet so much talent and potential at the same time..obviously we'll find out over the next yr or 2 but i honestly believe we've got budding talent waiting to explode on this team..

  25. everything I've heard was that Brown haf tremendous talent he just wasnt used in Ohio States run heavy offense..and reports have been that Brown has worked his ass off and is bigger, faster stronger than he was..I'm very curious and also excited to see if guys like Brown and Lenior can make the team and turn into a good NFL wr..

  26. Should the boys trade for Grunk?

  27. Nice video breakdown! I like the under the radar aspect of him and feel he is the x-factor for the WR group. He can actually excel in all three positions because of his versatility and his ability to get off the ball. Uses his hands well and is good getting into routes out of motion. That's what I like about the WR group. Hearns and Gallup are the same way and that lends to you never knowing where these guys may line up. Could lead to a lot of explosive plays hit in early windows, drag and double moves.

  28. I say make an offer for Corey Coleman add him to the roster along with Michael Gallup, Noah Brown, Cedric Wilson that's a good young nucleus to grow with your offense in my opinion

  29. Brown is the X factor I keep on saying that I like Brown play. Because when he do get in the game he do get open!!!

  30. Well, Noah Brown (Former THE Ohio State Buckeyes) Wide Receiver is probably going to play the Y (Slot), Z (Flanker), S (3rd Receiver), W (4th Receiver), and E (5th Receiver) but NOT the X (Split End) Why? Well, Noah Brown plays in space and he's NOT that type of receiver that will take the TOP OFF OF A DEFENSE!!!!

  31. thanks for film session breakdown. Great stuff ! Noah Brown has size, catch hands and blocking skills but i'd like to see more as a pass weapon as seen in this session. .seems to be able to do everything TWill can do. betcha he could toe-tap too if played more. and all the more why we don't need Williams. i hope our 6 WR corp is hurns-gallup beasley-thompson-brown and wilson.

  32. N.Brown would probably stop fumbling if he gets rid of that ugly Adidas apparel (gloves & cleats) & gets with that Nike swoosh, similar to the NFL jerseys.# Crossbranding is low-key wack sauce..?

  33. Yea definitely he can be used two tight in formation. For a miss match on linebackers. And flex out in the red zone for your x. Hey Zeke knows talent he vouched for this guy got m on the team it’s up to the coaches to utilize him!

  34. Love brown he has that it just our staff dumb. Noah and Rico but I bet they both don't make it

  35. Did you see the double move in the colts game man I hope we don't cut this guy man I hope Noah balls preseason game and he's over looked like kavon Frazier is, and like you said after that fumble he got less touches law and look switzer fumbled in the rams game which we should of won then he was cut

  36. Great video Law Nation, it’s going to interesting I just wanna see if he’s going to show up because we’ll need it. I just want him to be better than last year

  37. Number 32 the honey badger

  38. That voice though…. Lol. What up Law??? I'm really curious to see which receiver is going to step up this year!

  39. Cooper rush is gonna be a good qb

  40. All those passes were from cooper

  41. He definitely will be! He will be great given the opportunity. I remember when we picked him up & our fans were complaining & saying we only went after him bc zeke begged our organization to.

  42. That Cardinals game – From 11 personnel, 85 was wide open, and caught it. That's what Dak needs, execution on opportunities. If he keeps learning /improving, I'm all for him taking someone's spot. Imagine if the TE was more than a blocking threat!

  43. No doubt Noah has the skill and talent but Garret doesn't know how to use guys like him. What Dallas lacks is a head coach really. DC4L

  44. Thanks for giving some film on the underdogs that we never talk about

  45. He'll learn from that fumble….

  46. Noah And Rico on the field at the same time (two major targets in the field)


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