1. Keep doing your thing LAW?, fucc these haters??

  2. My man you're one of the top cowboys fan channels, don't bring no attention to bad stuff. Even tho I have no right to tell you what to post, I'm just saying you're big enough to where it can become a topic in the tv media.

  3. Law….. The hell with these duck butter ass haters. Keep doing your thing.

  4. Law some keyboard warriors, most of them won't spit poison in your area live and in color. They talking all candidly because you cant handle them up on the web. Your all respect man. Keep it up big dog.

  5. Keep the high road mr. Law. Thats what i like about you its your respectfulness. Keep your wits about yourself let haters hate. Dont trip on fools words empty cans rattle the most. Keep up the good work cowboy fam.

  6. I agree with you Law.Some people need to get their priorities straight and put themselves in Ezekiel's place.He's human Too! ???

  7. I didn't see any of the news on this, and at this point don't care Law, Zeke is his own person, he owes NO fan a damn thing. If he goes out and sets up a signing deal with fans, then you don't get to later get all butt hurt if he doesn't do, or say or act like YOU think he should. People need to get the F over themselves.

  8. He dont tho and he still is the best in the league

  9. He should have been on time… but the people that paid 3K to be there…
    they need to check themselves.
    Sorry you lost money by not getting your trash merchandise signed.
    Live and learn.

  10. so we crucifying this man over being late for autographs after what he just been through talk about making a big deal out of nothing man please the season is starting quest 4 six

  11. You have an opinion and so do I..suck it up

  12. All right so have done some thinking on the topic. I understand zeke's thought process but I THINK he was wrong on this one. This was a big event for him and his pr image. If he wants to enforce only signing his own apperal that's fine but announce it publicly before the event. Not to a fan who been in line waiting to see him at an event he was late at. I would be disappointed as a fan, but who knows the guy may have came across rude to zeke first and baited him. Just my thoughts, he wants them sponsored money he need to get his PR game up.

  13. Y’all youtubers soft. Y do y’all feel like y’all gotta make videos because someone else disagree with you.

  14. law fuck these haters grown men that really know about getting money understand your point of view or anybody that knows about business rather these clowns can blow cock

  15. Haters will be haters , you just keep doing what you do best and if those people don’t like what you’re saying they don’t have to watch these videos

  16. I thought you sobered up little bit, but you are not. I thought you are clarifying what you said in last video, but, you are repeating same stuffs. lol

  17. After What the NFL did to Zeke (money and Image) If I were He, I wouldn't sign one damn piece of NFL merchandise.

  18. Let them have it LAW! Tell them like it is.

  19. Mr. Law,  I like you and there's NOTHING you can do about it!  lol

  20. I agree with you Law.  Who cares what other people think. Zeke has to do what he thinks is best for him,  NFL is 'not for long'.

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