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  2. You look sharpe Law, with Dak tie

  3. Colin need to stop smoking that shit

  4. Yea Dez ship sailed when he arrogantly said he wouldn't take a pay cut. I mean the way he said it and his body language rubbed Steven Jones the wrong way. That was the final nail in his coffin.

  5. Man folk say what they say about Dallas this time of year because it makes $$. 5-11 or 11-5 should be the understanding year in and year out. I’m done with the drama. I don’t care who’s son killed who or whose girlfriend sniffed or smoked what. I’m studying the 1 technique like ever before. Be easy.

  6. Cowboys screwed Dez over because he screwed up trade options by running his mouth. “I ain’t taking no pay cut.”

  7. Thought Cowherd hated Dallas but hes warmed up on em.

  8. The cowboys know what they are doing, except when it come to defensive tackles.

  9. Lol LAW said you can call up snoop and blow blunts ahahaha. Everyone who is unaware of the benefits of cannabis should take some time out of their day to educate themselves about it.

  10. I hope Armstrong is a beast in the future, but we needed to go DT or Safety in that 4th round based on depth at position. Now on the note of the suspension I don't think we will be hurt to bad by this. Here's why look at the teams. Panthers, Giants, Seahawks, and lions. Only team with a true running threat is ny, and he isn't a inside zone runner, he ain't no banger like zeke. Non of these teams have a great o line to get into our lb core. Am I mad at Irvin, yeah. I ain't scared though.

  11. Ppl only like cowherd cuz he’s a cowboys fan lol.

  12. He does this for ratings and rating only. 3 months back he dogged Dak and basically called him a POS, now he swings from his nuts on a daily basis. Let's be real, the Cowboys will help your ratings.

  13. Cowboys could’ve handled the Dez situation way better. Cowboys are probably gonna have to win the NFC east to make the playoffs. Def don’t want to be relying on other teams to lose just to get in ie saints, panthers.

  14. I like Cowherd because his opinions are flexible. He always plays devils advocate & he was the first to move to Fox Sports. He's a legend. He's the only reason why SportsNation became a legit show.

  15. Eugene Cowboy Fisher/ If our offensive line says healthy I can see us going far plus someone in this wide receivers group step up I think we'll be ok so one game at a time is the best game plan…..(((Let's go CowboyzNation4life Stand up)))

  16. Thanks law! Hey brother don’t get me wrong brother I like me sum daz, I have all his shirts and jerseys posters, but cum’on man after getting big contract he hasn’t show UP! Daz got paid and no show, Jerry did perfect job letting go of Daz And perfect Time’n cuz if Jerry would done it earlier Daz he would b’n playing with same division that’s 4sure., it could b’n playing for gaints eagles redskins! Hell NO He’ll NO is like your ex-wife hooking up with your best friend no no no…, let’s move ON brother I’m cool with this new young team they are all IN bro let’s GO ?????

  17. Dez Bryant situation…IDC how they done it really and I promise we don't even know or have seen half of Dez little bitch fits

  18. Yea bro I actually like Colin cowherd

  19. His scouts are right not him he said it himself he doesn't do his own research or watch games he has scouts do that for him SMH.

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