1. Gregory is not only physically talented but very smart game wise

  2. We put Randy Gregory in a game and he recorded a sack and nearly a 2nd sack. The sky is the limit for him. I'm kinda getting that feeling like I got when we signed Charles Haley, shortly before winning the next 3 out of 4 Super Bowls

  3. It's cool he fought his way back but I dont expect much production from him.

  4. Welcome back Randy! Now let's get things going for our Boyz!!

  5. Randy Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence together what a duo.

  6. NFL sack leaders. #1 DeMarcus Lawrence #2 Randy Gregory……… Lets GOOOO!!!


  8. He’s back bitches

  9. Finally he got reinstated ??

  10. I agree, he's got to string a complete season together tho!

  11. Lawrence,Gregory,Charlton thats ight

  12. Interesting idea when he gets reinstated start to have Crawford back to DT .!

  13. He would be great, had he already been in camp. And if he could stay straight.

  14. Forget Rod Marinelli , we're relying on Kris for now on

  15. Doomsday Defense is back

  16. He has a lot of potential, but the cowboys organization needs to strip him from that number and make him earn it. Hopefully he can stay out of trouble and become our second war daddy ???

  17. I bet the Cowboys didn't have him gain some weight? Even 10 pounds of muscle? Bet he didn't. Honestly Garrett is a pathetic coach, he really is.

  18. He really never reached his potential because of the suspensions. Once he gets with d law he’ll be ridiculous

  19. Lets pray for the brother. Bblessed

  20. I'll believe it when I see it. That's the ONLY thing anyone should really be saying about him.

  21. He will find another way to get suspended and then permanently banned he seems determined to destroy his nfl career that has not even really started yet

  22. lawrence, gregory, and 6"7 they could be ferocious but they all idiots… hopefully Lawrence moved fwd… after last year

  23. Yes, Well, Randy Gregory showed flashes but he has to NOT get himself in trouble with the law because the next place he'll be going is PRISON just like Aaron Hernandez in whom was convicted of the MURDER of Oden Lloyd.

  24. Former Nebraska Cornhusker Randy Gregory has to get his life back on track if he wants to earn back Dallas Cowboys Fans and NFL Fanatics TRUST…

  25. Law Nation thought ? about Gregory be ready bye mid season. Just saying (if) Armstrong gets plenty of reps,in training camp. Taco Charlton can up his weak side end. Servin Irving sitting on bench. Tapper it’s over, Salute

  26. Sometimes when a dude knows he's hanging by a thread, that's when he grabs on and holds on the hardest. I think Gregory could come back better than ever. I hope he does, for both his sake and ours as Cowboy fans. 🙂

  27. I'm not sure why you are hyping up RG. Sure he had some flashes when he played. But he has not played in two years. Plus he just doesn't care for football. So even if he does get reinstated and gets to play again he will NEVER be the same player he once was. He will be a career backup player.

  28. This man is a beast for real I hope he stays on the field we need that 94 RG do yo thang bruh!!!

  29. that spin move was so fast I had to slow the video down to see how he got free

  30. has he held up to #94



  31. Considering if he would have been in this year’s draft class he would have been the best pass rusher available his addition if he is reinstated well all of a sudden give the Dallas Cowboys one of the best pass rushing boobs in the entire league

  32. Just wearing 94 makes me happy. Charles Hayley D Ware?

  33. Could be that guy but success in Big D could be temptation key if he can say sober yet to see.

  34. Im glad that this team has finally become a new team.

  35. That young man has so much talent, I think smoking weed is not that serious but rules are rules would love if he put that stuff down for a while and got after these quarterbacks for the Cowboys

  36. If he never got suspended he would be a top 5 pass rusher in the NFL, future superstar if he can stay on the right track

  37. I'm just waiting for the moment when Gregory fucks up again just as stupid ass david Irving. I don't get it, never have about people having great jobs they love, making millions, getting all the perks in the world, and chooses to throw it away because of drugs, violent acts against women, and other off the field stuff. If Gregory doesn't get it this time, ban him for life.

  38. I pose this question. /IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES!/ With the addition of {RANDLE GREGORY.} This defense is going to be freakish. Then add the fact tht (DAVID ERVIN) returns game 5. We should name our defence :BONE COLLECTORS!?: From all the quarter back sacks we'll have this season!??
    [GO COWBOYS!??]

  39. If only irving could get his head out his ass we could have really good depth

  40. This dude pissing everything away

  41. Our Best Pure Pass Rusher! I didnt stutter his rookie year and im still not stuttering now!

  42. They better let him play man I’m gonna be so mad if they don’t. I’m still heated about the Irving suspension I need some good news

  43. I hope he is the story of the NFL 2018

  44. i wanted dude since Nebraska and still waiting he's gonna b our best DE

  45. Randy and Taco the future

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