1. Dont matter because dak isn't that good of a throwing QB.

  2. He's 6ft6 I think I just checked

  3. Dak will probably be throwing late or over throwing like usual

  4. Used to win me $$$ in FanDuel a couple years ago

  5. He's tall just like J.J. Stokes from 20 years back. This guy's a beast..He may be unknown right now, but in due time…He won't be!!

  6. I’m keeping my eye on him.

  7. Well he was being checked by toast Brown.

  8. Courtland Sutton >>>> LOL

  9. He my Dark horse for the Cowboys

  10. McKay added 15 lbs, 1 yr removed from Cinn! 4.5 40. 6’4”. Was too thin! Both Law Nation & AKOYE Media See it! I feel it! If he holds on to those high balls, he is playing here as a Cowboy! Dak just needs to under throw that Go & let him go Up & get it!

  11. He's Calvin johnson jumper

  12. He slow as a current Dez

  13. I hope he makes the cut, I see some potential in him man

  14. Damn i like this guy dallas might have one #phillygang

  15. Potential beast in the nfl

  16. We should focus on him. A tall wr on here for just a couple long throws for dak we could do a lot with him . Open up the field for zeke.

  17. Soo drop Dez for a maybe Dez that might pan out

  18. Law what’s up my brother man hopefully he can bring that on Sundays

  19. We talking about the Cowboys.. This guy will never see the field. You know they don't use players properly!!

  20. Law, he can do it all if you have patience with him! Need to hide him or he makes the final roster cause he could be another WR that can stretch the field with less of an accurate pass with his large catch radius! My dark horse was Cedric Wilson but since his injury I like this young man’s up side so he is now my dark horse to break into the rotation! Gallup is still my #1, Hurns #2, slot Beasley, Lenoir #3, than this young man you just focused on! Man if we can get these young men play up to their potential we will be a ok! TE and DL 1/3 technique is my only real concern… not receivers!!! DallasCowboys4Life 808-Yong

  21. He looks like a gamer!

  22. They have McKay listed wearing#2. I'm not certain but this might be Murdock#18

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