1. I been saying the same thing yr saying, it seems like none of these cats love football. Where I grew up at man, if you didn't play football people looked down on you. Example, my buddy played OLB and against the Thomasville bulldogs in NC he limps off the field. The trainer tells him that he believes my buddy broke his foot. Now this is early 3rd qtr. My buddy tells the trainer, This is my senior year I'm not coming outta this game. Law the man finished the game and after we won he couldn't take the pain. Went to the emergency room and had to have surgery on a broken ankle. So you're right man, EITHER YOU WANNA PLAY FOOTBALL OR NOT!

  2. He needs to be gone I agree with you but a lot disagree.

  3. Make an example of him cut his ass stay of drugs or find somewhere else to go.

  4. Randy Gregory has been suspended three times, and got caught at the combine also. Gregory should be gone also.

  5. It had to be substance abuse this time. He would be suspended more than 4 games if he was taking PED’s. I’m ready for him to be cut. I saw another video with him working out giving no effort. Sean Lee called him out which is a red flag.

  6. David just like everyone else made his own bed now he's got to lay in it.

  7. If Irving should be let go shouldn't Gregory as well? He had two suspensions , one for a damn year. I'm sick of this, I blame it on JJ for accepting this kind of behavoir. Picking up players like Hardy, keeping scrubs that get dui's. etc. etc. What a message it sends.

  8. I agree! They must let him go…im tired of it.

  9. WoW smh just seeing this bro… A dam shame how a talent just goes to waste AGAIN and AGAIN.. I just hope TACO ready to play along DLAW bcuz this Irving shyt is OVER

  10. What an idiot! Drop him!

  11. Garret has no balls…. he’s probably clapping in the closet as the news broke out

  12. So why make a statement with Irving? Why not Gregory! Or the players before that then….come on man, I want open minded solutions, not over anger!

  13. told you law it's always something every year😑

  14. I'd cut him too brah it's time.

  15. Now Taco can start. We will be okay. All is WELL Cowboy Nation. Everyone please calm down…we got this. Next man up.

  16. Irving says he is at less weight then his playing weight last year, but its one of the reasons why I have been saying the last 2 years we NEED a High 1-3 Rd draft pick at DT but noooooo. Collins has bad feet, looks like another year of playing scrubs at DT UGh…But he won't be cut, too much talent and crap depth. LBers will suffer as will every other position.


  18. Are you serious? He gots to go

  19. Everyone has issues but he just doesn't get it, no need to be dragging the whole team down with your issues. Let the guys who want to play, play. I hate it when people think that they are too important for the team, it really demotivates the players who are dedicated. I keep blaming the head coach, make a stand. The patriots head coach (bench mark) would take this kind of bs from a player. Enough with the drama.

  20. This was not P.E.D's this was substance abuse. But I agree, you need to cut him at this point…

  21. What up Law
    .in Dallas too man ..look it's not like the guy is making 10 dollars an hour ..he making 2 mil man a year and inspite the stupidity he gonna cost you ..might as well get the rest of your money out of him..if you already paid someone to work on your home and the contractor f*ed up ..your gonna make them come back out there and fix it ..gotta get your money worth bro ..your not gonna say hey you can have my money learn from the terrible job you did..keep up the good work bro..Carrollton,TX

  22. Yeah It's "Time to let it go" like Teddy Pendergrass says.. Ain't nobody got time for these 4 game suspensions every season. # Get him the f -ck up outta here. #Handle your business & grow the f-ck up!

  23. How you gonna be taking PEDs and be overweight??

  24. Cut his ass. Enough is enough. He’s talented but he’s not all in

  25. Stupid mother SUCKER!!! CUT him. I'm on the Jihad Ward bandwagon.

  26. Every year its always something smh. But I think we will be ok.

  27. Law, you are a angry black man, you scaring away your viewers.

  28. Relax Law Nation, Stephen Jones going make call! Did he put Dez notice! Zeke got call Out, Zeke even though Goodell suspended him. Made Zeke see himself. Peach the message Bruh

  29. He's not suspended for PEDs. He's suspended for substance abuse.

  30. We had our knee jerk reaction when they cut Dez but, I agree they should cut David.

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