1. Thanks for watching!!! The Dallas Cowboys | Big Game James & Law Nation!!!! Salute!!!!

  2. Yes, that was a bad move releasing Dez. Dudes always talking homo when we show a liking for a player, ridiculous. It's ok to like other players, but you better not like Dez. Lol. I've had a lot of great sports entertainment from Dez. And they believe a producer's media cut film as "complete" truth!? Lol! Never fully believe politics!

  3. I think chris Rishard should be our head coach

  4. thanks guys! for your SENSIBLE discussion and real talk, sharing the message and NOT the mess! Dr. Prescott is going to take us to our 6+,period. game play calling and time management along with not adjusting at halftime plus position coaching staff has failed to develop qbs on down for years, trying to stuff square pegs in round holes.instead of utilizing their natural talents, they try just jamming players into their system regardless of fit.smh.lmao! all these fans whining about cooper rush instead of Dr.P, um,didn't he get his shot at qb but whiffed and now that's WHY Dr.P 's running the show now? cream rises to the top,that's why he's our and my QB! thanks again guys. ☆☆☆

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