1. omg…. Michael Irving is just funny as hell. what a cast of characters on that team.

  2. I agree with Micheal Irvin nothing feels like a first championship no one can ever take it away and also when he said we all started at the bottom and we all worked it to the top together I love that a team in every sense of the word

  3. As popular as Troy Aikman is to Cowboy fans (and non-Cowboy fans too), he's still under-rated. His laser-accurate passes were jaw dropping and I love watching his highlights.

  4. The best cowboy squad ever. The best defense ever Superbowl record 9 turnovers 🔥🔥💯 💯 DC4L👑👑👑👑👑👑

  5. Been a die hard since the 60’s and I still get tears of joy watching this. I wouldn’t mind seeing the trophy in Dallas again before I ride out the string. Don’t want to be too, too greedy so all I will say is “how bout them Cowboys!!

  6. Man… imagine Jerry Jones still had the guts for such blockbuster trades like Walker, Haley or Sanders…
    Imagine our head coach had the winner mentality of Jimmy Johnson instead of clapping for missed field goals…
    This documentary is basically a display of what the Cowboys are missing today. A hungry owner, a masterminded gm, a coach with the will to win and true leadership on the damn field.

  7. I always thought Alvin Harper was somewhat of an unsung hero on that team.

  8. An amazing film! Extremely well done! Fantastic storytelling, but then, this is one of the great stories in history the NFL.🏈

  9. Lynx Star Automotive Big Reason?? Really? Ok let’s break it down. The only thing Jerry Jones has done was hire Jimmy Johnson and didn’t do that right on how he dissed Tom Landry, granted it was time for Landry to go, but it wasn’t good. Jerry was not a part of player personnel, nor coaching staffs, that was Jimmy, that included the Walker trade.

    Here is Jerry legacy once he took over completely (the last super in 95 was still Jimmy’s players and coaches)….after disrupting what could of been 3 straight Super Bowl wins Jerry’s teams had
    3 straight 5-11, seasons and 23 years of mediocre football trumping 20 straight winning years of what Landry did. He made money off the stadium but barley has a winning record there. My friend he is in HOF for making money for the league not for building a winning franchise. He’s good at that and nothing else. This Jerry Jones legacy. He’s the big reason why they don’t win

  10. Somebody needs to send this to Jerry Jones and his Round Table of big Dummies on how to win with greats coaches and players, HOW ABOUT THOSE COWGIRLS. MAN THIS SHIT HURTS SMH

  11. Jerry Jones ruined everything by letting Jimmy Johnson go

  12. Jerry Jones is a clown. He screwed the whole thing up.

  13. I felt that Ken Norton didn't miss a tackle. It was uncanny how many stops he made.

  14. Dallas Cowboys 🏈🏈🏈🙌👏

  15. Jerry, Jason Garret need to leave now before they destroy another great Cowboys team. Romo, Dez and Wittin.

  16. How 'bout them Cowboys!

  17. Yea John Collins we almost there

  18. Boy those were the years aye? Man I miss those Niner/Cowboy rivalries. Both teams matched up so well. Both team swapped star players like socks:

    Deion Sanders
    Ken Norton Jr.
    Charles Haley

    Haley would return and retire a niner.

    Those were the days How Bout Them Cowboys!!!

  19. Jerry Jones’s Ego ruined this team

  20. Did Troy Aikman ever throw a wobbly ball? Ever? Everything is a perfect spiral, it's crazy. Stats weren't great compared to Favre, Marino, Young even Elway. But when they needed to throw, he was an absolute terminator. Perfect footwork, mechanics and put the ball wherever he wanted to.

  21. Jerry Jones sucks big time.

  22. I loved watching them. Possibly the greatest team ever. I know, for a fact, they would have challenged ANY team, past, present, and future. When they got rolling, watch out. They really could do it all. Beautiful to watch. Bill Bates and Moose Johnston, Jay Novacek were the heart and soul. Great ball players.

  23. I loved that Apex jacket Jimmy was wearing when he said, how bout them Cowboys!

  24. If the owner stays out of getting in the coaches way maybe they could be good again. Jerry Jones still living I. The past. Give it up bruh!!!

  25. 37:39…. I was fortunate to have seen that play Live …. one of the best if not the best play out of the whole game. When you think SB triplettes…. you will always think of this very catch and score. One of Michael Irvin 's best catches in his career.

  26. People forget: toward the end of his career, Tom Landry was the most vilified person in Dallas. He was receiving death threats. The fan base saw him as public enemy #1. However, no one in the organization dared to touch Landry because of his status. When Bum Bright agreed to sell the Cowboys to Jerry Jones, he did so because Jones was the only one with enough guts to fire Landry. It was this decision that elevated Tom Landry back to the status of legend and made Jerry Jones the villain.

  27. I was 7 when the cowboys won this superbowl, I remember this game like it was yesterday, I love my Dallas Cowboys no matter what

  28. No greater talent scout than Jimmy.

  29. Little kids check under their beds for the boogeyman, the 90s bills check under their beds for the 90s cowboys.

  30. Man I been a Cowboys fan since I was ten I'm 47 now growing up competing with friends on our teams to win my friends were Steelers fan raiders fan Bears fan but when Dallas finally won it I got emotional like I play or something but it was the fact to see them finally win since rooting for them since I was young back to back and it should've been three in a row but thanks to Jerry Jones messing things up with Jimmy Johnson over a power struggle we still paying the price to this Day

  31. I'm not either a bills or cowboys fan but something is telling me that Superbowl rematch is going to happen and bills finally get their first Superbowl win over Dallas

  32. I remember these great years like it was yesterday. Sadly, yesterday seems like forever ago!

  33. bills were so traumatized they never recovered

  34. My favorite team of all time!!!

  35. Thank You Minnesota Vikings for making giving up the House. Vikings deserve all three rings!

  36. Troy Aikman. could put air under the football.

  37. Jerry Jones, didn't know how to appreciate the maturity level of the quarterback, this team should of been even better that Lombardi's Packers, they had that kind of quarterback.

  38. The Cowboys had dominance at the special offensive positions, plus Troy Aikman signed off on Michael Irvin, there relationship is legendary, Troy Aikman proved who he was by not turning his back on the wide receiver.

  39. Charles Haley, even better than Lawrence Taylor, add up the most sacred hardware in all professional sports, I rest my case.

  40. Can't wait to see my cowboys win another superbowl . Fingers crossed for this season

  41. This was the biggest Super Bowl blowout that I'd ever seen!

  42. Michael was so right about Troy's accuracy. You didn't see guys diving for balls and having to make circus catches. I

  43. I didn't remember that NO ONE from the D made the Pro bowl. That's bananas!

  44. The 2016 team was great with Dak & Zeke but Jason Garrett is a very subpar head coach. Jason Garrett is the NFC version of the Cincinnati Bengals' Marvin Lewis.

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