1. This was painful to watch

  2. See how Dak was fully exposed? He can't throw shit in a sewer. the last series of downs Dallas had in the filthy red zone would have bee capped off with a TD pass if Romo was QB. Dez would hae had most of those balls in his hands and T Will would have at least one TD.
    I can't wait to see how over hyped this offense is in 2018.

  3. @5:51 The run was probably to the right but Zeke has a gap the size of a truck and doesn’t run through it gaps like that can’t be missed, he will learn tho

  4. Watching this game I see that Dak really isnt very accurate on many of his throws even though receivers are open. I hope he does much better next year. I really like him but he didnt impress me last season.

  5. and the reason to win this game was what?

  6. really like Awuzie,Lewis and Woods better than the guys that left in FA. These 3 are going to be key contributors going forward. I think they will start to produce lots of turnovers as they gain more experience. Imagine if the Cowboys add a 1st rounder to this rotation. The way the NFL has evolved you need to have good players in the secondary.

  7. thanks for this law . was moving and couldn't watch last game so I appreciate it very much good sir

  8. 33:20 number 68 Daniel Ross caps a dogshit season with a DOGSHIT fumble. Fumbles can happen, but no IDIOT should make that particular fumble which easily could have singularly caused the other team to win. Errors that cosmically stupid are how teams lose Super Bowls. What a turd, and representative of the failure on fundamentals from this defensive coaching. What a shameful state Dallas has descended to, the once brilliant fundamentals team, now scrubbing the toilets of well coached teams like – I hate to say it – Philadelphia and New England.

  9. do you have the old dallas cowboys yearbook movies from 91 and 92….i dont like those 92 & 93 americas game that much

  10. Who u think the cowboys should draft

  11. Anybody know why Garrett played Dak and Zeke in practically this entire meaningless game?? The staff didn't care about risking injury?

  12. Happy New Year, Law 👍

  13. Thanks for the vid Law Nation I didn't get to see it live.

  14. I know there wasn't much good about this game but in case you missed it watch the block Zeke puts on no.75 Vinny Curry, 280 lb. DE before he runs out in the flat @ 15:32

  15. Im sure you know by now but just to let you know the cheifs video got taken down

  16. Dak needs to improve. Still our QB of the future no doubt though

  17. I'm glad to see the 'Boys finish out the season with a win, but there are still a lot of questions that need answers.

    What is Dez Bryant's future? To be frank, I don't want him to have a future with this team anymore. He simply isn't productive and has merely become a liability the last two seasons.

    Will Dallas hire another offensive coordinator? I think it's time for a change at that position. They have only seen a decline this season on offense, and the last three weeks have been difficult to watch. Edit: Clearly Jerry Jones had no problem with the coordinators, and I guess it's not that upsetting. I just hope the offense bounces back after a rather disappointing season.

    What is the Cowboys' top priority this offseason? They need to evaluate their offensive line. One of the ways for the offense to improve is if their line is discipline and becomes strengthened with the selection of a lineman in the draft, particularly at left guard. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to target a wide receiver capable of getting constant separation and running routes competently. As of now, their only true deep threat is Brice Butler. We need more speed on offense and better route runners.

    Will the Cowboys retain much of their interior players on defense? Aside from David Irving–who isn't likely to return to the team–I don't see why they can't keep Lawrence and Charlton long-term. Those two have been major contributions in the passing game, and I'm hoping the Cowboys have it in their interests to make them priorities to build for the future.

    How should the Cowboys deal with Dak Prescott after an unsuccessful sophomore season? The coaching personnel needs to work strictly on Prescott's flawed mechanics and make him abundantly aware that holding on to the ball as long as he does is absolutely unacceptable. Teaching him better pocket presence, proper accuracy, and how to make quicker reads and decisions will help mold him into an efficient starting quarterback. If he fails to improve next season, Dallas will have no other choice but to invest in another quarterback.

  18. Watching Noah brown block is actually entertaining he should have snaps at TE if Rico Gathers injury was a career ending one.

  19. Dak is not reliable for long passes
    He can use his legs he can dump pass off to the running back and he can do play action
    He’s not accurate passed the 15-20
    Even the pass he threw to Dez was under thrown
    He constantly overthrows and under throws that’s why all of the receivers are struggling
    He better step it up this off-season and get better

  20. I’m sorry but if this isn’t a sign that linehan needs to be fired I don’t know what is marinelli had a hell of a coaching game this year and everybody on the defense gelled but if you as an offensive coordinator can’t score more than 6 points on a back up defense you don’t deserve to coach in the nfl. Dallas should’ve put up at least 21 on this defense but some of the play calls were just terrible. Wish I expect dak to work on this off-season is going through reads faster and working on his accuracy

  21. I was at this game. Left close to the fourth quarter. It was freezing out there. I wonder what off season moves will be made.

  22. I don't get why we didn't use Butler more. I like him out there. Him and Dak connect, and it just seems to be better with him out there. I'm afraid this is his last season with us though….unfortunately.

  23. Y Dallas didn’t play like That against Seattle,,, they didn’t used Switzer n butler

  24. This game was a microcosm of the entire season. 😞

  25. Man we suck. Some of yall are really delusional.

  26. #23 had a solid game. I think force feeding dez was interesting because it will help build a connection, game didn't matter anyway

  27. We finally get the defense, but then the offense digresses. Frustrating

  28. Whatever the cause, Dez has reached the point of diminishing returns.

  29. Thanks for Watching!!! Happy New Year!!!

  30. if the offense would ever learn how to make long drives and eat up clock then our defense would get some shut outs

  31. Happy New Year Law and to your family as well!!!

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