1. Lol, that beat kill though.

  2. Cowherd is a Dallas guy now. lol Ever since the Gb playoff game hes been backing Dallas.

  3. Are we better?No.We still got Dak Prescott.The guy that averages 8 points a game passing.The only qb since the merger who has started all 16 games,to go 5 full games without a td pass.Do we need a #1 wr?No.He'd just disappear anyway

  4. Look at my Brotha 29,000!!!! PLUS

  5. When did we release Dez? It feels like he’s still on the team because we hear about him every week ?

  6. Love the beutiful African music!

  7. Answer this question
    After the season

  8. Another question – would you rather have seen Dez or Garrett go?

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