1. Al I see is a monster who gives anyone in front of him problems. He's coming and they know it!

  2. I hope he gets six sacks. vengeance

  3. I'm going to say Gregory gets 2 maybe 3 sacks today.

  4. Do you guys realize that Dallas is about to get David Irving back?




  5. Privately I have been high on him since we drafted him, seen the small display of potential when on the field, just hope he's finally put the stupid drugs and in maturity behind him and can move forward.

    He Also made a great shoulder dip to go under and around Peters#71 on the eagles last play and just missed his 2nd sack of game.

  6. Peters was his biggest problem here could never solve him until that sack now maybe he will take off and remain healthy

  7. Hey what's up bro I truly feel Randy will get those six or seven sacks he's a beast and he's very athletic and quick and I believe he'll get a sack or two tomorrow

  8. 2nd half of the season. Breakout season starts Sunday in Atlanta

  9. Man I talked so much trash about Randy bruh it don't make no sense. But Randy we just needed you on the field bruh. No hard feelings bruh just business baby. Keep up the hard work!

  10. Heres my take on Randy Gregory:

    He plays EXCELLENT run defense. That is something that you don’t find in every defensive end. So even though the sack totals arent there, he more than makes up for it in the run game.

    The sacks are going to come once he starts getting comfortable on the field. He’s always injured, suspended or off the field for some reason. So when he plays, he’s usually gassed or trying to get back into the flow. I want to see him string consecutive weeks together, and then we’ll start to see him emerge. Also, David Irvings presence will allow him to get more sacks because of the sheer amount of disruption he causes as a pass rusher.

  11. he does the right thing when he goes for the qb's arms too. So many times you see a guy trying to sack a qb and goes for his legs but they still get the ball out to the wr.

  12. U know whats funny is most of u on here was against this man and I told my self y'all will be kiss his ass later see u can't talk down on ur team if u a real ass cowboys fan. Stay true people. DC4L

  13. He’s an All Pro if he didn’t get in trouble!

  14. I always felt randy could be that weakside presence if he keeps his head on

  15. He’s like Tavon: fragile

  16. Gregory is such a talent but hes a head case too. Wanna keep this guy, its a one year deal year after year or you are very foolish.

  17. I will give him 4 more possible 6 more. 1 per game.

  18. we need DLAW to get that shoulder right. Ever since he aggravated it he hasnt had much sacks

  19. what's up LAW… Man the Cowboys are loaded withTalent!! Randy Gregory is Monster with an bad Baaaaad Attitude lol.. High ceiling

  20. We have to remember that he really hasnt played alot in his career so hes still kinda raw and we see that but the potential is there.

  21. Yeah, a little disappointed so far tho. Expected more. The pressures have been decent. Thought he'd have more sacks at this point. He's such an important piece of the defense. Hoping he becomes more of force going forward.

    I think some of that let down comes from me being in his corner too. Ppl saying dump him and I always said no. He's the only true RDE we have.

  22. How come they didn’t put wentz getting sacked on the official nfl highlights of eagles vs cowboys ?

  23. DLaw getting doubled every play to ?

  24. Love your vids man. You know your stuff

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