1. WE NEED A WR FILM ASAP !!!!!!!



  4. Im upset with this team

  5. The Dallas offense is having some serious issues. If that offense doesn't start moving the ball and putting up points….I believe you will witness the firing of Scott Linehan. Not sure who the OC would be. The dismissal of Jason Garrett and the possible hiring of Kris Richard as the interim head coach this year or the HC next year.

    As much as I have enjoyed Dak keeping the offense afloat the last 3 seasons. Dallas will have to draft a qb in the 1st round. I'm really rooting for Dak and the Cowboys. It is looking like Dak will be a career back up and or journeyman. His accuracy, his lack of throwing into tight windows and leading his receivers, not to mention all the off balance throws. It is not entirely his fault. The offensive play calling is not creative and it is predictable. The offensive line is also an issue. At the end of the day. The Offensive Coordinator, the QB & Head Coach will receive the bulk of the blame. The offense is placing alot of pressure on the defense. Look at the number of plays the offense is running per game. The average number of offensive plays in the NFL, is approximately 65 per game. Dallas is not even close.

  6. I think they should let t.austin and d.thompson and Cole Beasley in the slot..speed speed speed!!!!!!

  7. Law
    Richard told Frazier, "Forgiveness can be a very powerful thing!" You have to forgive yourself?

  8. she's an adorable little munchkin ! you're so blessed! now let's go get this W and see our O get going solidly and cut out the sputtering 3 and out drills! โ˜†โ˜†โ˜†

  9. Yo law you got that golden voice.. I can already here your voice on commercials

  10. So is it a texas thing to grow your beard out like a hot mess?

  11. I think this is a good matchup for da boys. I expect to see R. Wilson on his back a lot. Charlton will be serving up the tacos. It is the return of the Shark Defense, and I expect to see them gain confidence and swagger. Let's score some points early, as the game goes on, wear down that defense with Zeke between the tackles. . Cowboys 20 Seahawks 13. Ride em cowboys!

  12. I think this game could be a trap

  13. Our defense is good but as of yet I have not been impressed with the offence

  14. Lol great change up video Law. Really like your channel. Thanks for your time.

  15. Law we going win 34-17' book it. Cowboys nation..

  16. Need to score some points you just can't depend on the defense they will be worn out before the year is over.

  17. Law, ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿฝ from Honolulu,Hawaii! Sorry I keep missing your live feeds! Busy at work, but always watch replay and hit the โ€œlikeโ€ button! Seattleโ€™s weakness is their interior linemen on both sides of the ball! Their skilled are good in secondary and LBs, WRs is similar to us (injuries, lack of a โ€œ1WRโ€) but with a mobile QB both teams are good?!, but as a Dallas fan …we need to get the RPO running through the run first or pass option first to open up the gashes of runs for Zeke! But it means that they have to respect the pass?!, than those lanes open up for Austin, Hurns, Gallup(still๐Ÿคž), Butler, etc. but they need to catch first than run lol. Been watching Laws breakdown of players and great work bro! Much respect to you! Brother from another mother!, my man! ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ, Yong Wilson

  18. the K.R.'s'MEDIEVAL DEFENCE' helps Dallas win 33-13

  19. Dallas will win, but the over/under is 41.5…..I know how the lines work, and everybody is picking the under, which is exactly what Las Vegas wants,……….picking the score is practically impossible especially since they added the two point conversion, so you get scores that you never used to get back in the day, but that being said, Iโ€™ll play, Dallas 28-17. I love the over though 41.5…. not one of you I think even came close to 40 points on your predictions.๐Ÿค™๐Ÿค™๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ˜Ž

  20. Aww so cute seeing you being a daddy.

  21. Cleveland would be great foe Dez, but it seems like Dez don't want to play,they will make the play off once Mayfield becomes lead QB.

  22. Always hard to predict things in the NFL. Especially when it comes to our Dallas Cowboys. let's keep in mind it's a young defense on a slick field against a mobile and cerebral QB. If they learned anything against Cam, it's a hope they have a spy on Wilson at all times. On offense it has to continue to be offense by Team. Until theyย get acclimated with things, they'll have to keep it simple. The football bounces in strange ways. if the Cowboys bring it with a purpose, they'll give the Seahawks one damn good fight. So ring that bell. Let the fight be on. How Bout Our Dallas Cowboys

  23. I think Butler helps in the speed aspect with Thompson and Austin back the Safeties off the line and open up the under routes to Beasley, tightends and the running game.

  24. Cowboys knew what they were doing when the drafted LVE, I'm predicting he gets his 1st NFL pick tomorrow as well as Jeff "Hitman" Heath.

  25. Did Justin Blackmon ever get his self together? He was big and fast

  26. We win,we gonna win turnover and time of possession..23-9

  27. They need a WR Coach to come in and mold Brice Butler.. hopefully Sanjay is that guy because Brice has so much potential.. just missing the Larry Fitzgerald-like sure hands

  28. My boy James harden ๐Ÿ˜‚

  29. Cowboys 28 Seahawks 17

  30. Law did you cut the waffle up for your baby…boyz 20/10 #cowboyfolife

  31. I say Seattle will best us, but barely. Cowboys are gonna be unprepared for this game I fear.

  32. Brice looks tougher than the other side it hit the offense team.

  33. we don't need earl Thomas we got Xavier woods

  34. The defense is looking great man

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