1. Dak Prescott needs to be more Accurate in his Football Passing, and He also needs to Quit Holdin' on to the Football so Dog'gone long too. Plus Dak needs a much better Quarterback Coach to help Him Mature as a Way Better N.F.L. Quarterback than what He Is ! Kellen Moore Isn't the right Quarterback Coach to Help Aide Dak's N.F.L. Growth, His Sharpness, and His Quarterback Knowledge too. Weather It's in the Film Room, On The Practice Field, On The Football Field, Or On The Sideline Either ! "Kellen Moore Is A G.O.? Next, Cowboys Nation Fan's"…. ?

  2. Scott Linehan
    Cumulative stats (All positions)
    Years Coached Record Win % Playoff record Playoff win %
    17 114-146-0 43.85% 2-4 33.33%

  3. Like players or all that stuff is the dang problem. How many times will we LOSE because of Scot Linehan before we get a raise hell SCREAMING to get him gone ????? All you people saying, I said lenoir or Dez, Dak or whatever are just clueless about the issue ! ITS THE DANG Offensive Coordinator Scot Linehan, HE SUCKS and has NO CLUE !!!! Dak may be ruined for life already from Linehan. I've told all of you 100 times. Did you see how disappointed Cooper was last week at the end of the game. We can talk players TILL THE COWS COME HOME. FIRE SCOT LINEHAN, he is the worst Cowboy coordinator of all time.
    DAK's first year he played from instinct. And got worse each year, WHY ????? SCOT Linehan has pressed his BULLSHIT on him. Look up Scot Linehan and his record coaching. How can he even get a job ? this job is the FIRST TIME he has ever won in his career. Dang man, come on with all this BS. JJ is an idiot for hiring him and even dumber for keeping him. You know dang well certain players are telling the Front Office HE SUCKS !Telling Garrett HE SUCKS, the TV announcers have called him out how many times. A woman from Sri Lanka thinking it is a soccer match could see Scot Linehan SUCKS !!!

  4. If this works do you make Herns a slot WR and let Beasley go? (Next season)

  5. That the key we dont have the coaches in place to utilize the talent. Jason track record show the best we can hope for is 8 and 8

  6. Isn't this like putting a band-aid on a corpse?

  7. @Law, you don't think with our team, and it's history lately, that bringing up Lenoir is just to replace Thompson on special teams? I hope not but I have a feeling. Coaching needa prove me wrong

  8. We're about to find out if everyone's been right saying to move Connor Williams or sit him down or if there really is something to it. We could get eaten up. I'm praying not. You need coaching to get through it so we'll see



  11. Noah Brown can block better than any TE on this roster.

  12. im cool with a 4 wide-out like with Noah Brown, he run over lb's and db's

  13. They should've activated lance lenoir last year.

  14. Thompson had a connection with dak

  15. Screw the fkn Cowboys they suck get rid of the whole coaching staff and their players especially Garrett that fucker always satisfied for field goals always clapping ?? like wtf get on their asses like jimmy johnson or bill parcels

  16. I'm optimistic
    Like most fans of Dallas & NFL football, the Dallas Cowboys & Daj Prescott have given plenty of reason to doubt

    As Dak's confidence is at question
    The same can be said if the fans

    Great change with Lance Lenoir & Noah Brown

    Now it's about darn time ?

  17. This changes nothing……

  18. Law I’m going to make this super easy prediction, Dallas will finish last in the division why because of Dak Prescott. We need to draft a Qb Period.

  19. Law if you’re saying Dak can bring light ? to this team then you ought to commit yourself to an Insane Asylum. Dak Prescott is str8 garbage ? Period I really wish you people quit making excuses for SUPER SORRY Dak Prescott.

  20. Law we can’t win with Dak Period

  21. Lance Lanior is slow as a milk ? truck we need SPEED to stretch the defenses.

  22. Scott Linehan must go

  23. Noah Brown may have left OSU a year early but he is more than capable of being a game changer. Just needs more game reps. Buckeye receivers are known for blocking, he laid some big booms for the Bucks. Can't wait to see him step up

  24. I’ve been waiting to see Noah brown!

  25. Dez Bryant injured doesn't surprise me.

  26. baby dez..noah needs time on field he is solid and young

    plus we get picks back for cutting Thompson

  27. At least we get 4th round draft pick for letting Thompson go ! And that is saying something.

  28. Play Fleming at tackle … move La’el back to guard …. play Connor Williams at center next season problem solved he’s to weak to be a guard imo

  29. I believe they gonna got with Adam Redmond Law

  30. All yo pain love sweat tears emotions let’s get it baby BELIEVE DC4L

  31. This is a must win game…. goes without saying. I am pessimistic about this game. This coaching staff must get it together and play towards their strengths which they have done few times this year. Oh yeah and win on the road which they haven't done so far. I love that Lance Lenoir is getting called back up. Beat the Eagles and this negative talk goes away.

  32. YES! I've been waiting for Noah Brown! I cant wait to see what he brings! Wonder if they will play him at WR or TE like they were tryna do earlier. D Thomas i liked but that means lance about to be the return guy. I've been wanting lance to get his shot

  33. Does this change the coaching too?

  34. RPO Dak to death Scott Linehan you conservative ass if he gets hurt so it's football

  35. Thanks for what you do Law

  36. By cutting Thompson i think we get 1 or 2 compensatory picks in 2019 draft

  37. Brodduas thinks will start at LG Su’a-Filo will especially with defense we will play on Sunday night with power the D Line plays.

  38. Ive been saying it from the beginning activate lenoir

  39. Put Noah in the te mix

  40. The problem isn't winning. Its winning consistently. So if we even win this game can they string together some W's.

  41. Great!!!!

    Noah Brown!!!!!!

    That’s my dude!!!

  42. Finally!! I've been waiting for this to happen

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