1. i love when i hear them talk about this then i see you talk about it too cuz we wanna hear your opinion too

  2. LAW u know what I been saying about play calling 4 the longest COWBOYS offense is POP WARNER?1994 offense 2019 defense

  3. What you know about "See it Through"? @Law ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. play calling tendencies for us courtesy of the clapper and vanillehan; 3 and out, punt, 3 and out, punt, 3 and out, punt ,oh and definitely take the ball 1st when we win the coin toss. um did i miss anything? ahh magoo,you've done it again! heh heh heh โ˜†โ˜†โ˜†

  5. Garrett and Linehan are dense! Unless Jerry is dictating old school offense to them

  6. CowBoys Forever!!!!!!

  7. Went back and listened to the entire stream. Good stuff. Can't create mismatches if your play calling is that predictable. Let's hope they shake it up! They need Grandpa Law (a.k.a. Coach Kick Booty) out there to "elevate" everyone's play. lmao

  8. Dallas play calling -Run run pass on third and long punt

  9. System is way outdated..its not rocket science to determine hey..we need we may need to do something different smdh

  10. That dam Stephan A I canโ€™t stand I pray the cowboys run the table on the rest of the season

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