1. Muslims be like: Hum 2 humaare 200!

  2. Times now has not a clear view on this .. this is need of the time to control population.

  3. Carbon Tax on human reproduction

  4. Abe haraamiyo ye tum logo ko issue nahi lagti, maroge jab tab ghanta bajate rehna

  5. Population jihad ko rokna hai to is bill ko jrur lana hai ! JAI HINDUstan

  6. I totally agree.population should be controlled.

  7. it is the need of the hour…to as population explosion is a great evil which is the root cause of many national problems.

  8. Both carrot and stick is necessary. You provide for a family of husband, wife and 2 kids under PDS.

    It BJP brings up the bill all the opposition of rajya Sabha will stall the bill. If president suggests it, it is more likely to get passed. Also don't allow anyone to become a MP or government jobs if you hey have more than 2 kids.

    67 years you could not educate people, you want BJP to do it in 4 years.

  9. cap on welfare upto 2 children is needed but otherwise this will become the issue of freedom of expression. we don't need to become like china.we just need to put a cap on social welfare .

  10. its need of the hour…

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