1. Flexibility creates versatility in terms of staying under the salary cap.. # Team player who wants his overall team to be great, despite all the hate, from the peanut gallery, "It's not about a salary it's all about reality." KRS-1..

  2. Until Jerry Jones grandson gets in the league 💯

  3. 5 year 40 million dollars, GUARANTEED💯

  4. I humbly disagree with any discussion of Dak taking a lower salary based on anything, especially if he balls out this season. He should strive to get as much as he possibly can.

  5. Good point on this video man . Good teams have they money spread out smooth like butter

  6. The great thing about playing in Dallas is NO TAXES! He won't have to demand $80 mil our more to see $50-60 mil. Dak could easily take a fully guaranteed 4yr/$50 mil deal ($12.5 mil per) without penalty of taxes. That would be well below typical market value today, BUT it would enable the TEAM to keep him surrounded by talented teammates, making his job easier than Romo's tenure. Romo went thru it, and his body was beaten down by the time he got help. People have to remember that Dak played his rookie year behind Romo's line. The team was built for Tony to succeed, but injury forced Dak into the role of FRANCHISE QB.

  7. Even dak knows he sucks! 😂🤣😂

  8. Maliek Collins and Charles Tapper have to be DURABLE for EVERY game, they are the two players that have been impacted by the INJURY BUG.

  9. I'd give him a kirk cousins like contract, wouldn't put the 100% guarantee on it but money wise.

  10. Zeke, Zeke, Zeke, that's the motor

  11. Dak also said growing up his Childhood team is DRUM ROLL PLEASE…The Dallas Cowboys

  12. It's NOT about Dak it's about the Team, Yes, Dak is the "Pilot of the Plane" sorta say but, this game is a We team NOT a Me team,

    ⏩There is NO I in Team

    ⏩There is NO M in WE

    ⏩There is NO Y in US

  13. Well, This might be UNORTHODOX to say the least but Dak better be willing to take a PAY CUT to get a LUCRATIVE deal done, A deal that BOTH parties can come to an agreement on.

  14. I would say about 21mil would be a win on both sides

  15. He’s knows Zeke gunna get paid lol

  16. If he does,u know Jerry got him on the back end!

  17. I can understand being flexible but that goes for every QB in the NFL if he wants a great supporting cast around him to win championships. The problem comes when teams want to undervalue a player with a big big discount especially at that position. I hope Dak keep proving all the doubters wrong like so many that think he’s lucky to be drafted. There’s no luck to going 13-3 your rookie season then under a turmoil sophomore season still have a winning record of 9-7. When you can do that, that tells me you belong.

  18. no why is everybody except in this narrative the Dak Prescott should work for free or less than all these other trash as quarterbacks out here that are getting paid premium for nothing the Sam Bradford quarterback in San Francisco this played 7 damn games and getting paid out the ass man y'all got to get off that Dak needs to work for free shit Dak Prescott statistics are better than most quarterbacks in the NFL most of the big-name quarterbacks in the NFL it's the tistics were better than that Ryan's last year he's done nothing but wins hits he's been here I'm getting sick of tired of hearing black men talkin about Jackson. You take a discount and he should take one for the team that brother needs to get all the money that's coming to him every single. I'm the same way these other trash as quarterbacks do

  19. He better law. He's lucky to be even drafted . No way on God's green earth I'm paying him 29 mill a year .

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