1. Throw him the DAMN ball more.

  2. I don't know what to say about the Cowboys sputtering Offense tonight, no one in particular are steppin'up. They look all flat and off balance too. "Awful performance."

  3. Thanks for the video 👍🏾🏈🇺🇸

  4. Agree
    Single high safety is a invitation to go deep
    But I’ve been saying this since Carolina

  5. I think they will improve in time. Great pick for the 3rd round.

  6. And what about the incomplete passes? their connection has been bellow 50%

  7. The Great Law got recognition from Chido! #Salute, keep going hard for us and dem boys law!

  8. as long as when the ball hits number 13's and not the ground right after. Dak will find ways to get him the ball and grow that trust factor

  9. I’m just really craving to see Hurns make huge plays. He wasn’t paid 12M for nothing. LETS SEE SOME ACTION

  10. Hoping for A.J. Brown from ole miss in 2019

  11. Fantastic breakdown Law!!

  12. Bring back Dez! ….nuff said.

  13. I need to see him in more one on one battles.

  14. The Dak to Gallup will only get better

  15. No knock on Michael Gallup at all
    But this one thing for sure

    Had we not gotten LVE
    & Conner Williams we would really be singing the blues right about now

    Sean Lee's unreliable & Chaz Green wasn't even close
    But we crying about not getting Ridley & Sutton & Miller etc

    We couldn't risk neglecting our worst needs & thinnest position groups

    We still didn't get a safety
    So we're blessed to have a Michael Gallup

    If he had a Dez type across from him like Ridley has Julio
    Man we'd be in business already
    Slowly but surely we're getting there

  16. Great film Law
    Dak, Gallup, Zeke, Swaim & others will elevate our position group to newer, higher heights
    And that quite soon


  17. I love these breakdowns and reviews you do on film, this is something I love seeing.

  18. By The Way, I saw something on My Dallas Cowboys Pigskin Hub App which entails Dez Bryant tweeting about the Dallas Cowboys saying "I want to come back to the Dallas Cowboys but if NOT, I'm ready to play somewhere else".

  19. Ladies and Gentlemen, Cowboys Fans Keep in Mind this Forename, Surname and Suffix: CEDRIC WILSON Jr.


  20. Dallas Cowboys drafted another receiver which has Bloodlines by the Forename, Surname, and Suffix of Cedric Wilson Jr. (Former Boise State Broncos wideout & Son of Cedric Wilson Sr. who played with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2005), We haven't seen him yet so I'm curious to see how will Dak develop that report into a bond and chemistry with CW Jr. Next Season.

  21. Good Morning, Law, Well, We are seeing Dak Prescott and Michael Gallup developing that report into a bond and chemistry in which when Dak lets that ball go DEEP he knows Gallup is going to be there.

  22. Great break down, getting better – better, watching you, Voch, Akoye', I'm beginning to recognize defenses and offenses more, living the game of football 😀

  23. It's up to Dak and his accuracy and how fast 13 can learn the nuances of wr. When to be the hot receiver, when to break off his routes in zone coverages, when to audible routes before the snap, etc. I hope the coaches can help him develop those things quickly

  24. Yo Law I told you in week 1 & still standing on it that is our #1 wideout he not gone do nothing but keep showing you his route running is there & his hands is there also now yeah I know he dropped the ball verses the Seahawks after catching it but as you said he a rookie the boy gone be a #1 sum kind of special I know great talent when I see it that 3 headed punch is gone be good long as jerry keep it like that. Dak, Zek, & Gallup just continue to watch them im gone also say this our Offense is set-up like the Panthers we are just better cause our qb & recievers are better they offense got them to the Superbowl so we can to & win it also our O-line is better when it's Dak time to make throws he should plant his feet & deliver the ball with confidence & trust his recievers that he have on the field. But continue to watch M.Gall a star is in the works & it's coming fast #1 wideout #salute

  25. Great job breaking down film law!!!

  26. Gallup is good but bic man cortland sutton is looking good also

  27. Dak saved linehan job that game

  28. Do a breakdown on Rico gathers blocking ability for the Lions game

  29. Reminds me of another player we had back in the day named Michael. Let's hope this one plays with the same fire down the road.

  30. /AS WE TAKE A DEEPER LOOK!/ I hope U got tht phrase patent!🔒 Man, did U see tht offensive line? It's coming together. Did U see the boy :JOE LOONEY: on the scoring screen, tht was cra. Do a video break down on the O-Line. Great film 🎥 break down. (SALUTE!)
    [GO COWBOYS!🌠🏈]

  31. Breakdowns like these law 🔥🔥🔥

  32. You are the greatest fan to me Dallas should give u season tickets for free

  33. Appreciate the work Law, I do believe that Dak to Gallup will continue to trend upwards. I think it wouldn't even be a question if not for a few balls that got away here and there, you know patience is thin with some because of the Calvin Ridley's and what he's doing. Gallup will get better and show his worth in time I have no doubt, he's a good route runner, gets separation, has the ability to highpoint the ball let's throw out support behind him.

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