1. DeQuinton Osborne is a beast. He has a plethora of moves that would helps us in passing situations and he has that Marinelli motor when going after the receiver after catch. With collins going down and David Irving possibly being out nxt year i think this would be a good player to have and develop. But his tape says he shouldn’t leave the star.

  2. Not sure if one of those guys will make the squad

  3. Joel Lanning is a dog, he's probably better than Vander Esch. They should make Kam Kelly a strong safety, he has better coverage skills than Heath and Frazior. Quiero should also be a consideration at strong safety

  4. Remember the recievers coach comes from the jets with the exception of B Marshal all of their boys are garbage

  5. Gallup is a poor man's Jarvis Landry. Gallup will be our most productive receiver in the last 8 games. He will have more receptions than Dez Bryant will have in 2018.

  6. What's the size on Noah Brown he should be able to play TE he can block and catch

  7. I hope Gallup is the real deal. I think focusing solely on the running game is a mistake. Obviously we are a run first team but we still need that deep threat. Everyone thinks Hurns is Dez replacement but I see him more of a Twill replacement and I'm hoping Gallup is our dude.

  8. I like that safety udfa Quero

  9. Big brother how do u feel about Eric reed

  10. Kenny Vaccor and Evans keep them my guy Woods has all pro potential! Vaccor isn't a free safety nor a big time time hitter. Nobody wants to take that salary with the injuries! Keep developing thru the draft Nolan Carroll was wasted dead money!

  11. The overall draft was a B plus drafting UA and 6 and seventh rounders is like pulling straws. Williams and Gallup and the big running back from BAMA the quarterback White, and the Stanford Tight End saved this draft! We stole the hidden gem in this draft the big Bo Scarbrough I hope he runs like Bo Didley. At least four potential starters outta this draft with Williams, Dalton Schultz Gallup, Vander Esch, Wilson a solid backup outside receiver. White and Scarbrough good trade bait if they develop.

  12. He man I subscribe I like you thoughts man keep it up! Also LVE will ball out just you watch.

  13. Osburne may be short but he a beast

  14. keep it real I like it

  15. Time to get some cowboy gear on the wall and make that the new spot!

  16. Try these settings, Law.

    VBR (Variable Bit Rate)
    Target: 10 Mbps
    Max: 12 Mbps
    Audio: AAC 320 kbps, 48 kHz, Stereo

  17. I Also heard we were going to sign Navarro Bowman. To sure up LB core.


  19. I really liked Kyle Quiero Northwestern. Guy is a ballhawk. Saw him in person when he played my little brother in Maryland

  20. We got some UFAs who are potential ballkawks.

  21. The best draft pick we got was Bo from Alabama other than that my Cowboys ain't do a damn thing Cowboy Nation you're stupid no quarterback no receivers possession receivers don't win Super Bowls

  22. LVE is gonna be a beast and prove all these haters wrong. I think people had their mind set on other players because of mock drafts and internet talk. This guy is the real deal, just watch.

  23. Almost 3 minutes in and you ain't said nothin bout the UFA signings. Come on dude really !?!

  24. UDFA signings look better than the originally drafted frfr

  25. Loving the size. Of theses corners and free safetys

  26. Can Dak throw for 4500 yards

  27. What happened to beard gang

  28. Middle Tennessee and SS San Diego State

  29. Cooper Rush is my quarterback

  30. I like the David Wells TE signing. Very good blocker

  31. They still need to take a look at Eric Reid

  32. Shore would feel better if you would except my apology Law. C'mon brother…

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