1. And instead of re signing butler… May as well go grab dez back instead. Almost the same type of way they departed both talked ** out of anger but I also feel dez is so passionate and loves being a cowboy that he’s scared to sign elsewhere. I feel like he’d sign for 4-5 mill for a year prove it deal.. where butler would be a mill or two but I’d take dez over butler all day for an extra 2 mill all day long.. he can still high point the ball and get yak and red zone threat. If we get dez it immediately improves our team. Those are the players I’m talking about signing immediate impact players and if they have future capability that’s a bonus on top.

  2. Appreciate the time effort and your knowledge of the game you put in day in and day out, I still am kind of mad that we didn’t grab S. Griffin, and ESB late in the draft when both were available over the Covington, or the Schultz pick I feel we could have groomed a big St brown and def could have used griffin I knew he’d be a starter from day 1 you can see how much he wants it. But overall I believe we have all the pieces we need but we can’t be afraid to pull the trigger on someone who can step in here and make us better immediately. I still want romo as our QB coach and I’d love to have Richard as head coach. But I believe we go into Seattle and come out with a gritty W will be a very close game Wilson is better then people give credit for with little around him esp there D besides still having ET. Which I’d love to have but that’s up to Seattle and I’d be okay with a 3rd round or the 2nd they offered at absolute most. I think we need to put in Jourdan Lewis over brown he’s more of a ball hawk and needs to get some play time to get further developed he was a third round pick for a reason as brown was a 6th as well who played above his drafted position. But I like Lewis he has a higher ceiling. Let’s go Boys and thank you again law

  3. Morning Law good stuff….

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