1. Q is nothing more than live action role playing( LARPING. )No President in his right mind would communicate through riddles and puzzles and nebulous messaging. So stupid.

  2. From darkness comes light, WWG1WGA

  3. I just unsubcribed from the jerks who are supposed to be
    Patriots. They were
    Saying. Drop fox. These jackasses said
    At least CNN TELLS
    Follows Q but suck at
    Other News. I mute the liars. (Dems) Cavato ,Wallce, Rivera
    But Dobbs,+ 10 are great!!

  4. Great stuff as usual Lionel, you are a very intellectual, funny and classic stereotypical older (I mean middle age) dude.  But you understand and can explain whats actually going on in todays fast changing world. And we laugh with & at you and at the same time applaud  you for it. Keep it up mate, we always luv watching you from Down Under. Thumbs up!!!!

  5. Lionel are they testing 5 G. In Russellville AL? Reason I ask coming from MuscleShoals as we intern Russellville I get a head ache you can not belive"

  6. Alex Jone's is not who you think"

  7. That is why they are there"

  8. Good morning my friend"

  9. Still waiting for the evidence to back the "Trust Jeff Sessions" nonsense.

  10. Anyone can make Q out to be what they want.

    Q can be a conspiracy theory.
    Q can be a flake.
    Q can be the real deal.
    Q can be a team of spies.
    Q can be a team of real spies.
    Q can be more than one thing.
    Q can team within the WH.
    Q can be the President.
    Q can be close to the P.

    Who is Q?
    What is Q?
    Where is Q?
    Why is Q?

    It's real simple.

    Q is a disseminating information?

    Q writes in spyverse and lingo.
    Q is poet.
    Q is fun, because instead of guessing what he is saying, he can be figured out.

  11. No all some older phone user's push what we see that's wrong

  12. You sound stupid as hell. I guess anyone can get a following.

  13. A bunch of garbage. What happened to all those people who were supposed to get arrested?

  14. It's shameful for Lionel to promote Q and not crack on the bad logic necessarily in use to support Q-bleef.

  15. Sorry….but I am a gen-xer. I am NOT a millennial! Big difference. I was 30 yrs old before those archaic Atari looking cell phones started coming around. Please, do not lump us into the millennial generation. Totally different generation in many ways. We were not given tropheys for showing up. We had Christmas parties in school. There was no such thing as political correctness. I was born during the Vietnam war. I think many millennials are morons. However, I have met some who understand why their generation is screwed up. I have even met some who wish they could have experienced my years. So, please do put us in their category.

  16. Saying Q is a conspiracy is like…well, ……like saying I’M a conspiracy.

  17. Lionel: OMG, It would be amazing if you could surprise us with your decorated Christmas Tree in the background!! Hot chocolate, a fire, toasty, with Lionel Nation

  18. Americas biggest enemy is education
    ,or liberal socialists education! Unless our society gets rid of the globalist indoctrination of young American minds freedom in
    this world eventually fails.

  19. Oh no i wont 4get my yellowvest brothers and sisters, nor those outside EU hq. We all want our countries back.

  20. When people throw back at you, your a Conspiracy theorist. It usually means they are lacking and haven't done any research on any of the subject's findings themselves nor do they plan on doing research for themselves.

  21. MSM is a coordinated ("gravitas") psyop directed at the American people originating somewhere within the intelligence community. Q is the antidote.

  22. Lionel, all of your latest broadcasts have very weak volume. Something with your mic and possibly the distance from you. My IPhone is at full volume, you sound like your across the room. What’s up ?

  23. You could also be talking about Bitcoin.

  24. Why is there an ''Antifa'' Why are they trying to abolish our first and second Amendments? As weird as ''Q'' is to many people. don't forget to look at how crazy and unhinged the ''Left'' is……..

  25. Prove it. Q supporters are all talk, no evidence. Like Trump. MAGA… Mueller Ain't Going Away 🎃 🖕

  26. I thought all the munchkins had passed away.🤔

  27. Qanon is classified military intelligence yet it disseminates this info/strategy/plan. There are curtains of disinfo that the anons yet have to decode. Qanon on hold due to lack of anons that are not stiffled with biases.

  28. Lionel, turn your mic up………….

  29. Let him that has eyes to see, see. Let him that has ears to hear, hear.

  30. Are you aware that patriots and Trump’s Train with FB are planning a patriotic march on Patriot’s Day to “show the Left who really is in charge, & love Trump”? They said “63M people voted him in, let’s not let Soro’s Army think they’re winning!” Thanks! I enjoy your chat so much! Thanks!👏🏼🇺🇸

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