1. I think the HB from the saints is better then Gurley even

  2. Zeke has been the best since he got in the league.. todd Gurley was lost for the last 2 years so does anyone think about that?

  3. He likes Gurley more because he plays for the Rams.. Gurley is good but not better than Zeke or Bell. All deserve to be in top 3 regardless.

  4. Dickerson ran the ball wearing a flak jacket…

  5. Zeke should be number 1.They just won't give him his promps.He's going to show them.Action speaks louder than words!

  6. Zeke is #1 and he's gonna show you to never doubt him this year watch.

  7. SMH How the keep saying Zeke not number… Because we don't put him as a receiver, I believe he could line up as a receiver that just haven't been in our playbook

  8. Zeke is the best RB in the nfl period.

  9. You just said Zeke was a better blocker than both but he’s not number 1 y’all funny

  10. Didn't Zeke and bell go head to head in 2016? If I remember correctly the difference in that game was Zeke. I also remember he finished the game with more yrds rushing and from scrimmage. And correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't there dallas def suspect that yr? Hummmm……🤔 why didn't bell outshine Zeke against a weaker def?

  11. Zeke is a complete back! AND most rushing yards since he’s been in the league while missing SIX games!!!

  12. Zekkkkkk 🍴 is #1!!!!!!

  13. I wonder if it has anything to do with him being a Ram….where was Gurley the last couple of years? Zeke all day everyday. Missed six games and still has the most rushing yards and rushing touchdowns the last couple of years.


  15. He said zeke had thr exact same thing as the rest of the others but he blocked better so how is he 3 and there 1

  16. Zeke is by far the best RB in the league… I got Gurley #2

  17. Bell
    David Johnson

    Stop being bias dallas fans that’s why no one likes us now

  18. Wasn't Eric Dickerson a Ram? Seems like a bit of homerism, here. Zeke will have a better year–not to mention Gurley won;t come close to Zeke's record of four consecutive 135-yard + games.

  19. Gurley cant block, zeke does it all

  20. Give zeke 6 more games n he’ll blow these dudes out of the water

  21. Zeke has it all the other 2 lack something… lol. Your own words and ranks him 3rd with stats to prove zeke is 1st lol idk how these guys have jobs as analysts and can’t analyze a damn thing.

  22. …. Eric Dickinson is a homer… Zeke is the best running and blocking back in the NFL. And he can catch

  23. 1. Zeke the freak Elliott
    2. Leveon Pay me Bell
    3. Todd the truth Gurley

  24. Zeke is easily the best RB in the league. The Cowboy hate is real

  25. Zeke is #1 lmao y'all hatinggg

  26. 1- Bell 2- Zeke 3- David Johnson

  27. Zeke has more rushing yards in his first two years than either Bell or Gurley and he did it in three less games Although Bell had more receiving yards in his first two seasons, Zeke had less than 200 less total yards than Bell, but like I said earlier he had played three less games. Gurley doesn't even have 2500 total yards in his first two seasons. This is the Kicker Zeke is a very good blocker which E. Dickerson said the other two are alright. Yet Gurley is ranked number one on this list. My point from what Mr. Dickerson said as he was going over each of his top three. Zeke should be ranked number one then L.Bell and then Gurley. L.Bell had 3474 total rushing and receiving yards, E. Elliot had 3246 total rushing and receiving yards in three less games then Bell. T. Gurley is so far in the rear view mirror he almost can't be seen, Gurley had 2478 total rushing and receiving in his first two Seasons, and he also had three more games than Zeke. This is comparing the first two seasons only. Also Gurley had five fumbles and 16 TDs. L. Bell had 1 fumble and 19 TDs. While Zeke had 6 fumbles and 25 TDs. Zeke and 632 carries or receptions. L.Bell had 662 carries and receptions. T. Gurley had 571 carries and receptions. In my opinion Zeke id the number one back.

  28. How do you put Zeke third when he's the only one out of the three whom you said can run pass and catch the other two aren't good past blockers yet they're better than him. Nevermind the fact that Ezekiel Elliott has averaged the most yards per game since he's been in the league.

  29. A Retired Ram picking a Ram? No bias there…

  30. Zeke,Bell, and Fournette

  31. I remember watching Todd in high school it was unfair everytime he touched the ball four straight state titles I knew he would be special but Zeke should be #1

  32. I respect this list tbh

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