1. … Cowboys-NYGarbage …

  2. I'll take Jameis Winston

  3. That intro music is perfect for the gym

  4. I would trade for Ryan or Stanford you gotta be able to throw more than 200 yards or less a game that’s just embarrassing man. Dak don’t seem to take responsibility for his bad play he’s kinda cocky for no reason. Dak need to play preseason games he’s not good enough to sit yet I wouldn’t call dak a above average QB there is no zip on his ball, don’t think I trust him throwing deep

  5. Our offense with dak was embarrassing still

  6. So law nation can live stream now?

  7. With the talent in the nfc there's no way we make playoffs , starting 0-3 or 1-2

  8. Crazy thing about it bill parcell told us about romo when quincy was here you going to get folded like a pretzel

  9. But only the bills & cardinals scored less then us , embarrassing

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