1. There is no plan the plan is to take a knee … Stand in the middle of the road like dummys… Vote democrats the same ones that been in power in NY, Chicago ,LA worst crimes in America …. Its a joke tbh a whole bunch of unfocused energy

  2. I also said this that Jerry doesn’t actually care about the anthem or flag like people believe. He only cares about dollar signs.

  3. Could have stopped this altogether by not playing the anthem at sporting vents. They don’t do this in most first would countries. They don’t do this before league plays in Europe for soccer. Only time they play national anthems is for international competitions.

  4. The country is already divided in 2 or 3 but the flag is not the problem it's the crookedness of our own people!!! Oh yeah
    How Bout Them Cowboys

  5. I love dak but he’s a coon.

  6. You really this the Papa John's deal was him being racist? It was a word taken out of context, looks like he is being railroaded to me.

  7. I will be happy as punch once Jerry RETIRES.

  8. Texans don't fall for that bs…. Texas don't have problems like Ny and Cali…

  9. Jerry worried about ticket sales not sponsors… Lmao so them boys better stand with there head held up high… Are hit the road….. Every team that had people on there knees hurt in ticket sl
    Sales… So best bealive Jerry knows why

  10. Every race gets mistreated by cops I'm so tired of listening to this nonsense all the time just like people mistreat officers it goes hand-in-hand it's never going to be fixed somebody's always going to do something wrong and people are always going to complain about something

  11. Go Jerry Jones put your foot down people want to protest get out football and get into politics

  12. How you feel about what dak said

  13. (NFL) Football will always be greater than politics! Football was never corrupt,unlike politics.

  14. Goodell didn’t make Jerry and Stephen sound like slavers, that’s those 2 flag cult worshippers saying that, Goodell didn’t make or tell those hicks say or believe that and that’s why Goodell told the owners to hush because Jerry is a money loving redneck.

  15. Law they’re not about to bring injustice and police brutality of our communities on that platform? How peaceful is taking a knee??? They called MLK a radical for his peaceful protest and you saw what the government did to him? King said I may not get there with you, but I’ve been to the mountain top? Coon contracts to be apart of that deceptive industry.

  16. When Jones was told he was supposed to remove his hat he said to himself, I’m the owner of this plantation and those players are my property, they have to worship the flag toe on line but not me because I’m Jerry Jones and I don’t have to completely conform to what piss ant citizens subscribe to.

  17. We are USA!!! Were suppose to be a unit!!!
    Salute to the American Flag!!! This is a lose lose situation to me!!!

  18. Damn, I love your channel law! Keep it going 💯

  19. Keep politics out of football!

  20. I support the flag plain and simple 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  21. I think AT&T should back out of being a sponsor for Jerry's World💯 Make his ass pay for it

  22. Why don't they just change the song there's more than just one song that honors America

  23. Dak Prescott says it all here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvbzj7RiwZ4&t=181s Dak says he doesn't want to ruin the fun of a football game with an individual protest. I don't disagree, Law, that there is racism in America. My God. I don't live in a cave. I understand. I will fight for your right to protest any injustice. My Disagreement — is with individuals trying to hijack the brand equity of a corporation they do not OWN. As I said in another post, individuals have every right to protest. But they do NOT have the right to steal the NFL or Dallas Cowboys brand for their individual purposes. Imagine a group of McDonald's employees kneeling in a You Tube video in front of McDonalds golden arches. It would look like they represent McDonald's. But it would be THEIR individual protest. That is just wrong, and those employees would be fired in half an hour. The players can protest on their own at a different place and time. NOT the main offices of the NFL — which is really the billion dollar stadiums at game time during the National Anthem during a contract OWNED by the league. That exposure belongs to the LEAGUE for the purpose of football. Not individual protest. Will Me, You and a MILLION other people tune in to see Dak Prescott hold a personal press conference from his agent's offices to voice a protest? YES. I want to know what my favorite players believe. But they should NOT smear, damage, or leverage the NFL brand for their individual purposes. Doesn't that make sense? Can you see the difference? It's NOT about the legitimacy of kneeling or the opinion that police practice brutality against blacks. I believe that injustice DOES happen every day. But Shannon Sharpe should NOT make a statement like that on ESPN as if it was the network's opinion. He COULD make that statement on his OWN time — but NEVER hijack the ESPN network audience and ESPN brand identity. THAT is the difference. The NFL is about football. THAT is why Jerry says Dallas Cowboys players come to play football, don't get political and do not kneel during the national anthem. Those players are paid millions to play ball — not express individual political opinions. IN THEIR PERSONAL LIVES, I FEEL THEY SHOULD BE FREE TO SAY WHATEVER THEY WANT.

  24. Hit the nail on the head Law the media is using this to divide the country further that’s their purpose to divide and distract

  25. Well said brother, I'm with you let's get back to the game we all love. #Salute!!

  26. If im not mistake all the clothing and merchandise with the USA Flag that people wear is disrespectful

  27. Law Nation wow im in da building by way of Memphis 10 cowboy checking in.

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