1. Nice man! I bought a 10' x 10' canopy last year. I will finally use it this Aug. 12th at our family reunion. You should've bought some leg weights from Walmart.

  2. Juts let the grass die and make a rock garden.
    No maintenance and it looks pretty good.

  3. I got no grass up here in California. Heat plus drought. Well for me there's no grass. I have half an acre in Baldwin Park. If it I wont eat haha. Easy $300 bill if i water

  4. Lawnation>>>>>mark holmes

  5. You should come on down here to Houston Law and see THIS HEAT!! Lol

  6. Plant some grass and get u a sprinkler system…in Texas…it’s a must

  7. TheBestWay. I like that brother.

  8. Hell yeah LAW WHAT A BEAUTY!

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