1. Love that intro music bro

  2. Cowboy Nation. Law Family is family🏆

  3. Law, Are you referring to Will Cain?

  4. Law, Conor McGregor fought Khabib

  5. Tony Romo said Leighton Vander Esch took the WRONG ANGLE as if he knows the responsibilities that a Linebacker has.

  6. Law, Just checked espn.com Cole Beasley, 9 Rec, 101 receiving yards, 2 TDS

  7. Jamize Olawale reminds me of Marcel Reece another Former Oakland Raiders F-Back

  8. Law, According to http://www.playerprofiler.com/nfl/ezekiel-elliott/

    Zeke Elliott is 6'0 225lbs.

    ⏩BMI (Body Mass Index): 30.5 (ranked 54th)

    ⏩Draft Pick: 1.04

    ⏩Age: 23.2

    ▶VOS: +7.4 (#12)

    ⏩40-Yard Dash: 4.47 (Ranked 86th)

    ⏩Speed Score: 112.7 (Ranked 94th)

    ⏩Burst Score: 114.3 (Ranked 27th)

  9. Tony Romo is like Troy Aikman

  10. Jason Garrett isn't Calling The DAMN PLAYS, Scott Linehan is…

  11. Law, Carolina Panthers LOST to Washington Redskins 17-23

  12. Homeboy out here lookin like james harden

  13. Can I say this, I DISLIKE those DAMN OFFICIALS for Goodness sakes STOP trying to determine the game


  15. Law, Dallas Cowboys is playing AGAIN on CBS at 4:25 P. M. VS Washington Redskins

  16. Ladies and Gentlemen, Dallas Cowboys Offensive Line is ranked #2 in the NFL

  17. …and remember, ur listening to nothing but the bessst! Love it

  18. I'm a guitar player and a musician but also a bass head and I love ur beats. I love instruamental music. Good video law as always. Cant wait for a film session from the game

  19. Looks like they decided to play offence and not be so conservative, if your going to lose then at lease put up a fight ( could not believe the conservative call in that overtime game, not going for it 4 and less than a yard)

  20. What up Law Nation hell of a win from the boys how about them Cowboys!!

  21. Yo law. Gallup looking good with those hands for real. That catch on bouye was Dez esque

  22. Hot boys on 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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