1. Seems like the pocket is breaking down before any of the receivers can get out of their routes. Considering the recent histkry of their offensive line shouldnt play design be a factor.

  2. Watch Pat Mahomes, now thats a damn QB! Dak is just…..okay.

  3. I like Dak and I think the system that the Cowboys are running on offense is awful. Linehan just won’t bend any of his playbook. I also think Garrett needs to be fired as well. However, Dak just isn’t an elite QB. He’s average at best. Imagine Dak without his athletic ability. Does he even look decent then? No. And it’s all his fault. The o-line hasn’t been its best, they have no TE that’s competent at catching the ball, and the WRs are decent at best. Regardless, I’d move on from Dak and draft Justin Herbert from Oregon. He looks elite and his numbers and analysts back that up. I’m not sure what you could get from trading Dak but I’m hopeful that you could, at least, get a 2nd Round Pick. I’d then look for a TE and a talented WR. Noah Fant from Iowa and Marquise Brown from Oklahoma come to mind. Yes, I know that would require another 2nd or possibly 1st Round Pick. Hopefully that comes from the Dak trade but if not, trade La’el Collins. He’s just not good at RT. I know this is a lot of moving pieces but you can’t expect to win at the highest level with Dak as your starting QB. He may have been an excellent 4th Round Pick but he could just be that…a 4th Round QB

  4. Thank you law for showing this film. I want to say Dak is the reason the offensive is struggling every since his rookie year the defensive coordinator have tape on him a discovered that he doesn't take chances throwing the ball and he has no accuracy throwing the ball. Just about everytime i see he throw the ball to Zeke coming out of the backfield he has to jump to catch the the ball. People don't take into fact that we had the easiest schedule in the league his rookie year and the offensive line controlled games and he had nothing but time to throw the ball but he didn't take advantage of it most of his passes were to Beasley and it would piss me off because i saw him missing bigger plays down the field. The first red flag to me was the first Eagle game and their defensive coordinator said he was to comfortable in the pocket before that game . I that game i saw that he was scared when they was able to bring pressure and we should have lost the game but a great coaching call of the fake punt changed the momentum of that game. The Minnesota game is another where he played poorly and we should have lost but Thielen fumbled a punt of the 12 yard line that led to an easy pass to Dez for a touchdown. Those 2 games were the start of 3 games in a row under 200 yards passing. Where there is smoke their is fire. Dak is so bad he should not even be a backup maybe he is a better tight end or running back than quarterbacks. Lets get to coaching he had the same Qb coach that Romo had but that fired him to blame some else for Dak not playing well but it always seen to be everone fault but his. Rookie of the year doesn't mean you will have a great career in the Nfl so stop letting him live off his rookie season . Back to the coaching Kellen Moore has probably been working with him on his footwork but in the heat of the game his natural bad machinists return. I blame a lot of his drops to bad bad placement because ball placement matter in the Nfl why are you throwing a ball to your tight end around his knee's also he could have stepped up in the pocket and ran the ball a few times. I think he is the next RG3 or Quincy Carter. Dak can only read half of the field and he doesn't have a Nfl arm and with bad footwork that a disaster at Qb. Dez value to this team was more that his numbers but his passion for the games would change the momentum of the game and even fire up the defense just like he did in the last playoff game against Greenbay.

  5. The all world 84 million dollar man was getting killed all day nobody talking about that

  6. My thoughts say were headed for another 20 years of misery.😑

  7. On the 2nd play you showed, you said Dak should've stepped up into the pocket but I don't see how. Looney let the DT come through and Dak wouldn't be able to step into the throw…

  8. Im tired of hearing excuses man! He hasnt shown the ability to make everyone around him better..i never hoped on th ship when my man romo went down…Garret seem to finally be balancong in the last string lol hw will get hos ass fired soon

  9. The poise and ice water in the veins that Dak possessed his rookie year (when they were on tear) had me convinced his mechanic issues/arm strength/accuracy could be improved upon. Now he's lost his confidence and just looks like he's regressed in the things that made him strong, very disappointing, I believed in the guy and thought we found a gem.

  10. Awesome job with this video, loved your analysis! You talk about Dak needing to climb the pocket and I wholeheartedly agree but what’s confusing and frustrating is the fact that he used to climb the pocket beautifully in his rookie year

  11. Yea man needed to see some film this is some good stuff

  12. I'd REALLY like to point out a fact so many overlook

    We've been said to be not only a run first team
    We're committed to run 2nd also
    Then with the worst receivers in the league it's been advertised that everything is predicated off of Zeke to compensate for our known defunct WR's & TE's
    So no-one realistically expected Dak to do all this stuff anyway

    Zeke's been held in check
    It ain't Dak, but that would be the same O line that blocks for Dak
    It'll be coaching schemes

    Now hold on,
    Zeke is said to be 2nd or tied for 2nd in rushing
    Our O line is rated worse in pass protection than in run blocking
    Take away Dak's 2 main targets
    His O line takes major hits in health & regression
    Penalties, stopped passes & inaccuracy all are Dak Prescott's fault

    Why aren't we not blaming Zeke?
    He failed us last year with being suspended
    He's yet to be the Zeke of old this season

    WOW Dak
    See what all you've done

  13. Everyone of these plays in terms of routes run by the wr all look exactly the same

  14. I have to respectfully disagree… Most of these have more to do with the fact that these aren't the right reads and less with the throws. I don't feel Dak is who we thought he was his rookie year. I don't think it's a matter of coachable mechanics. To the core of him, he is NOT a nfl QB. He has worse stats than Brock Osweiler over the last 13 games. Dude is barely back up capable. If we're getting back up style play from our QB, I'd rather see our backups play to see what they got. I think to the core, Mike White AND Cooper Rush have better mechanics and intangibles than Dak. I feel like we're wasting out time and team youth with Dak… Just watch film.

  15. Seattle deserves credit for being ready and playing well.

  16. #13 again not scanning the field. On the right side he had Beasley and Hurns open it was his choice.

  17. #12 I see the same drop pass. But could of delivered a better ball.

  18. #11 He has to work his Hot Routes better. This one was an easy call. Use the Bubble screen to the outside and have Zeke block the outside corner. Safety was playing too far back. Minimum is a first down or more if Zeke executes the block.

  19. #10 he has scan the field. His left outside receiver came open. He had the time if he pump fakes and looks left a wide open WR.

  20. #9 yes he needs to climb the pocket. If he didnt feel someone was open he could of atleast ran for some yards and a first down.

  21. #8 the TE stumbled also Hurns runs a lazy slant. If is breaks faster and Dak sees him quick that couldve been a play.

  22. #7 was a broke screen Beasley was a last resort so chauk that up to good defense.

  23. #6 not on Dak, Zeke needs better field awarness on the play.

  24. #5 yes bad block on Zeke. Nothing Dak could do.

  25. On the play#4 I believe Dak need to take that deep shot. Put the ball on a rope and lead the reciever in front that could of been a big play or TD. The safetly opened his hip the wrong way and the other safety was parallel if not behind the WR who had the corner beat.

  26. Play #3 good defense play on Seattle.

  27. Play #2 Both outside receivers had separation on the comebacks just fast solid accurate throw should of been a completion to either side.

  28. I apologize in advance if I chime on each play. But on play #1 his primary option should of been Thompson. He clearly had his man beat on the Hitch if Dak delivers the ball before he hits his break.

  29. At the 5:48 mark of this film Dak had the throw. He just didn't let it fly. Earl turned his hip to the outside not the middle. And you was wrong he still had the ball in his hand when Earl turned his hips to the outside

  30. PS Law the Coaching is atrocious. Never in my life have i seen Offensive Coaching down to it's core this bad. I completely understand how losing the best center in the NFL can screw up a team. But this is where a true Coach steps up…not this crap. Once again i'm embarrrassed to wear my Cowboys gear.

  31. I think the biggest Regression on Dak is his own confidence in himself. Because the kid has a good enough arm to be a good NFL QB. His footwork is regressing. I noticed that last season. Right away in the Giants game, where he was high on so many passes it was like he gained 2 feet in size and didn't realize it. The biggest problem Dak and Da'Boys have is no real work together. Something that used to be done in the preseason. Also it's hard to play teams when everyone and their mom knows exactly what your gonna do. Because Garrett hasn't changed much since he started. He loves something i hate all those curl passes. Also why isn't Tavon Austin on the field when you see just a Cover 1 man? Put him on one side, Butler on the other and have them start stretching the field to open up the middle?? They will be in Cover 2 zone after that and we can run the ball. Just my opinion on that. But our Coaching staff not only doesn't work enough with Dak, but won't give him the plays calls he needs to win. He needs to say fuck it and audible. Make some WR adjustments preplay or something. I really want Dak to succeed but right now he reminds me more of the guy a team is using for the season because the real starter is out for the year than a Franchise QB.

  32. It kills me when YouTubers want tell the truth about their team…Oh I get it you don't want to be called a fake Cowboys fan…IF you're trying to defend Dak then you need to delete your channel at this point because the real Cowboys fans knows the truth regardless of what you think

  33. Greetings Law

    There were 2 passes that WERE too high that you've shown
    They were due to duress & said that if he did I'm the pocket he'd have been into defenders grasps or close enough to have been hit during the throws & risking stepping into a sack
    But you feel he should've climb the pocket

    And I've seen extensive breakdowns of E-V-E-R-Y incomplete pass & why
    With those 2 exceptions you were dead on point

    Other than that, you say he should trust his arm & instincts
    But when it appeared he did you said he could've went elsewhere

    You're good at what you do Law

    Far too many point out Dak's misfires while falling to account for drops

    They like using the fact that if you take away the 3rd play vs NY, ,,,,, the TD pass to Austin that his yardage would've been dismal
    They never apply that same logic saying if all drops were caught Dak would have X-amount of yards etc than he currently stands

    Why don't we have every dropped pass totals of Dak?
    Meaning add up all the known yards at the point of catch & tally the total yards he'd now have
    They don't have to attribute anticipated yac either & I'd be happy

    Your film also shows that notwithstanding a few plays, there was very little to no separation which supports the need for better receivers

    It's just much more to this dilemma than Dak's wack-type talk

    Noone had confidence in our WR / TE pool
    Without chemistry how can Dak trust to throw confidently

    Brady & Prescott both lost in week 3 right?
    Dak's stats are considerably better than bradts
    Brady has clearly the better coach
    Clearly the better receivers
    Need I say Brady's clearly better than Dak?
    If Brady's struggling with the coaches & team he has
    How the heck to we expect Dak to excel with what be has

    Do a segment on
    Yards from every dropped pass of Prescott
    If we switch QB's, how WI they fair?
    Switch the main Qb's used to devalue Dak
    Wentz, Goff & now Patrick Maholmes etc
    That's a total switcharoo too
    Meaning it the QB
    Wentz gets our team & coaches
    While Dak gets Pederson & the Shegals

    PEACE out Law

  34. Third year qb can’t have mistakes on mechanics, and only see half the field.

  35. There is a conspiracy against Dak

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