1. The Washington Redskins officials were against the cowboys from the beginning I'm not making excuses for the cowboys but some of those calls were ridiculous redskin fans which I understand would say the same thing so Hey get real man the officials were against our team the whole way through and I'm telling you right now yes D.P was horrible I was very disappointed in him and are run and back supposed to be number one in the league would he only got 39 yd are whatever but yes Adrian Peterson was able to run against us I'm not happy but I will always love my boys to make this simple and clear but I am embarrassed about what they did on the field today D Missed so many throws its not even funny even though he had all this pressure in his face Don't know what to say man but I know it could have been better God blessing the boys

  2. I'm not happy but still love my boys always love my boys bad calls lot bad calls by the ref other than that just bad throws by Prescott bad office line horrible office line a could not believe it I'm still in shock

  3. I also seen Tim Tebow play great in college…… ijs

  4. They're gonna try, this is when Dak has to make them pay.

  5. My boi I feel u I been fight with r own fans over dak eagle fans to let them kno f…. eagle but r own fans Quick to throw a man under the bus wen we’re not winning but as soon as we look good they want to jump rite back on bored I wat to Win and see my boys win DC4L

  6. They ain't guna shoutdown zeke he guna run allday on the skins

  7. Datz Cowboys football: Time of possession. Run 21 Run effortlessly..

  8. Itz all about dat "W" mofoz needs 2 Git Gon' hatin' on Dak Attack!!

  9. Law dramatic with all that music πŸ˜‚ (& I love it)!!!!
    DC4L πŸ’™πŸ’™β˜†β˜†πŸ–€πŸ–€

  10. Shuttin down Zeke: Psych!!

  11. Yo, a brotha lyke da Intro: Alwayz!

  12. Cowboys All day Gods!!!!! Wuz Gucci

  13. D aron payne was drafted for just this reason … our lbs got some work to do tomorrow…

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