1. Worst sports reporter ever Malik is playing out of position everybody knows that been knowing since last year and Fish isn’t nothing without Dez

  2. The only thing I heard was get your real cowboys news from the real source. Smh. This guys wrong most of the time. Lol. Law nation you rock brother. F$#@ fish.

  3. What’s the point in practicing in heat if you’re not going to play in it

  4. Fisher's of men Fisher of cowgirls fans?

  5. T will has always ben ther 4 this team he makes his mistakes lik any1 els but i lov him cuz he loves this team took a team deal to stay here for cowboy nation

  6. Great vid. Gives us a general idea of what’s going on with ET and some of their starters. Thanks for the vid

  7. I have no fucking idea why David Irving is playing the interior as tall as he is. This dude is a NATURAL Defensive End and NOT a DT. Albeit, DeMarcus Lawrence was excellent at the DE position, he is (body wise) more suited to play the interior. I'd rather have David Irving & Randy Gregory as the DE's and DeMarcus Lawrence and whomever else (depending on the stack) as the DT's.

  8. “THE Cowboys Station 105.3 The Fan” shoooooooooots 🔫🔫🔫firrrreeed😂😂😂

  9. Never seen fish before . I had a completely different idea of what he looked liked

  10. Cowboys will be fucked in the passing game, mark my words Dez haters

  11. Fish for lunch. That's what's up

  12. Mike Fisher fn do a video when we get Earl Thomas and become a beast of a team.

  13. T Will should be cut! Cut C Green, keep Collins (M), usually takes a DT/DE at least 3 -4 years to develop and become who they are except for a few uber athletes …. let him develop, be loyal when he’s hurt and get him a cheap second contract and he will be a beast for us in the near future! As long as we don’t give up on this guy!!! Good show bro! Aloha from Honolulu, Hawaii and DC should have their training camp in Hawaii! Quiet, private, can’t get into to much trouble and it’s paradise!!! Please ?!!! WR’s I agree Williams has a lot of competition with I believe Gallup is a week one starter! Either at WR 1/2! Hurns WR 1/2 vice versa! TWill could be odd man out, he just got older… and he can’t seem to shine during big games, big moments and if he does he chokes after the catch?! TE is going to take a few weeks to figure out but I like the Rookie Stanford TE/ blocks like a vet and can catch and runs routes well too! Mahalo, 808-Yong

  14. Law Nation is about 3 months ahead of you. We have been talking about this stuff verbatim since the draft ended.

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