1. He's not making an impact lol. The organization like signing journeyman players.

  2. I guess it’s the blue field that the Cowboys are attractive to !!!

  3. All I wanna know is if he'll help our defense, if not ion gaf

  4. What is their fascination with Boise State .!!!????

  5. Like that he is familiar with nfc east

  6. We need a good ass WR! Not a saftey…

  7. Omg why doesnt jerry jones buys out boise state and use it as a farm for players.

  8. Cowboys players are gonna give up on their coach and season if things dont turn around soon…if they have already not giving up on JG already…nobody want to sacrifice their bodies for a losing coach!!!

  9. Dallas still searching…..when the answers are obvious.

  10. Question: Should the Cowboys put Chidobe Awuzie at safety?

  11. You need to be fired to.

  12. I hope he can tackle.

  13. Probably just got because he played at Boise st

  14. If we get David Irving and Sean Lee back this week its gonna be a defensive slugfest

  15. What's with the Boise State connection?

  16. He seems a bit more legit than Fraiser or Brown.

  17. If he has anything Rashad will bring it out

  18. Just face it offense is not important right now which is dumb as hell.

  19. Forget these scrubs….lets talk about jags defense vs dallas offense….its about to be get crazy in dallas

  20. So we not gonna sign any offensive players ? Makes sense

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