1. The underthrow to Jarwin ended as a low pass bc Jarwin didnt come back to Dak. When a QB breaks the pocket, unless directed by the QB, receivers r coached to COME BACK to the QB, not move upfield as Jarwin did. Now there were several other plays Dak could've completed w/a better ball, but not the broken play to Jarwin. That was on the TE. Jarwin got giddy, started thinking about his 1st NFL TD, n became undisciplined on that play. If u watch the replay as Dak goes n2 his release Jarwin starts upfield n then tries to comeback but the ball is in route to where Jarwin should've been. So Law, whoever said that was on Dak clearly has never played organized FTBL.

  2. Wow, this discussion degenerated into generic hall of fame talk. We’ve got a game this weekend, who cares if Jimmy Johnson is in the HOF? That’s talk for the off season.

  3. Fire that worthless coach and quarterback.

  4. James speaking the truth about dak

  5. Love how everyone called me an idiot when i said Cole Beasley was WR1. πŸ˜‰ what is the current state of affairs in dallas? our wr1 is 5'8….

  6. Biggest cowboy bashers are the ban wagon fans number 1 basher(AKOLE)

  7. The curse of Dez Bryant looms. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
    Karma !!!

  8. Cowboy players say it over and over. It all comes down to execution! And yes Sean Lee did not look good either. Jaylon Smith as well.
    You know I go back to the other teams play. Carolina was more prepared and executed. The fact Cowboys didn't equates to a loss for Cowboys win for Panthers. Simple.

  9. I agree with you guys. Dak being hit and sacked has impact on his play. No huddle benefits Dak's play. But! This is the NFL guys. An NFL QB has to overcome being hit and sacked. As far as no huddle goes. Dak has to play the same way when it's not no huddle. Dak HAS to create in his playing the mentality that quick play has to happen. Clock in his head when it's not no huddle has to speed up. The no huddle happened when the Cowboys were desperate and behind. Dak is starting QB.

  10. I hear you about giving Dak time to grow. However, the way he entered the NFL and circumstances behind it and the fact he and the Cowboys had a great 2016 season time to grow really isn't in the picture. Time is now! He's Cowboys starting QB, The coaches probblem was not helping players adjust to the way the game was going. That's where fault lies on them. Not totally but it in there.

  11. Speaking for myself it's only natural for me to be worried about the Cowboys. Obviously the way they played last week for me there's a higher level of worry. This ain't basketball or baseball where they play a zillion games in a season. In my opinion any loss in NFL by a team I am a fan of {Cowboys} is reason for concern. Especially the fact it was they're first game. Compared to baseball losing one game is like losing 10 games. Compared to basketball it's like losing six.
    The way I see it after checking out all the media that evaluated the loss to Panthers it's is primarily Dak. Then comes offensive line then receivers, next- special teams and field goal kicker concerns follow. {Showing videos of Maher kicking 60 yarders, to me, translated him making 50 yarders! So there's a worry there} Fredericks missing and Connor Williams is concern regarding offensive line. Zeke's not playing in preseason translated him not being prepared. Same goes for Dak. Dak did not play enough in preseason to develop higher level of communication with receivers. {both need to advance quickly during practice to be prepared againsy Giants}
    My additional concern which may be the biggest is: Has NFL opponents defense figured out game plan against Dak/Cowboys that's like Kryptonite is to Superman? Of course at this moment it's easy to say: it's only one game no reason to push the panic botton. But to me any Cowboy loss in regular season your finger is resting on panic button.

  12. Dallas needs to utilize all their running backs not just zeke, pu out all stops!!!!

  13. Don't be BULLIED PUT IT ALL ON THE LINE COWBOYS,time to grow up forget about rookies stand up,and be men Sunday will be real.

  14. This is the time that real fans need to rally around the Cowboys. I know it's frustrating but we hear all the negativity everytime we lose. I mean other teams lose too. It seems we get the worst criticism. I guess it comes from being America's Team.

  15. Everybody needs to calm down. We’re supposed to ride or die with our team. All of you soft fair weather fans get out of here go watch tennis or something go pound sand. GO COWBOYS

  16. Love the cowboys,but we need to put another QB IN PLACE, right now we don't need to be baby sitting, he believes in himself that's fine, he had one really good year 2016, but he had weapons,DEZ, WITTEN, ZEKE, BEASLEY T.WILL when he didn't have it he looked lost, he really believe he can play AN in the NFL, FOR HIS SAKE I HOPE HE CAN.

  17. picture this.when it goes ,it goes .yes?sean lee and j smith were running opposite direction of the ball ..a couple times ,like they were blind folded.it was sad comedy..
    like the cowboys forgot how to play football.odel will posterize at least a safety and a corner ,mandatory,as always,,,still, cowboys win by one17 to 16

  18. ok ,my favorite team is the most recognized on planet earth…everyone who wears the star,as well as every one who cheer for them,as you, and all my fellow fans,collectively commonly know they will get more heat than any other team,goes with the territory.dak is the CEO. of the brand.and other nfl players who have played on other teams,and come as free agents,will be remembered as cowboys,once they no longer play..fact.

    is it fair? mayby.does he need help.fucken eyy right he needs help,he is not that good.but he could be better if he had a lejit qb coach.maybe a wide receiver, or 3 hes a kid,and i don't see the support or benefit of kicking dez out the house.

    trust me.dak has taken plenty of incoming from me.he needs tootleige.its also in his head.and some construction workers at wide outs. by the way,dez chillin outta shape is still,head n shoulders,better than every squid wearing the star..ill turn that,page when i feel like it.
    so save you breath for chewing your fries.DALLASCOWBOYS4VR

  19. Get this guy computer off here

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