1. Watching this the day before week 15 I'm like wow because there on a 5 game win streak and 8-5

  2. Anyone watching today after defeat against the titans? Cowboys disappointing man

  3. Cowboys suck cock and balls. Dak Prescott is shit. Carson Wentz is way better then dak. Lol. I hope the cowboys keep Jason Garrett and dak Prescott forever. Please

  4. Their five offensive linemen+Zeke+and now their defensive ends

  5. And#6 because Stephan A. Smith thinks so too !!!! But who cares what he thinks !! Lol.

  6. Everyone's doubting but Dak and Zeke will prove them wrong.

  7. Realistically…Damn…I'm hoping they get 9 to 10 wins. Its possible. All I care about is dem boys whooping the Sheagles. Taking care of their division. That being said and if they can do that then I don't care if they make it to the second round and lose. No one is expecting something BIG this year..but to shut Shannon up. That would be nice. Dak is going to thrive this year. Top 5 QB! Zeke will win rushing title again. And the defense will be sneaky good..Top 10 as well.

  8. I am in "We Shall See" mode

  9. The eagles win one fluky ass SB and everybody is chasing them. They got lucky by not paying the saints. And bill didn’t even play his best cornerback. It’s ridiculous really

  10. Law, I love your show bro and I love the Cowboys, but I'm not gonna lie to myself. Jason Garrett is still the coach and he will be the reason they won't make the playoffs💯 They also didn't do enough in the draft. That should've been a defensive draft. They had chances to get DeShon Elliot, Tim Settle, and Okoronkwo from Oklahoma💯Theyre not making the playoffs💯 6-10, then they'll draft Ed Oliver in the top 5 of the draft next season

  11. Glad to see you and space not drinking the Kool aid that Mrs Scouting Pro served up.

  12. let em keep talking and doubting tha cowboys dak was right every win will be a suprise to the haters

  13. Jason Garrett is average at best. Him and Scott Linehan suck. They can't make immediate decisions that help the Cowboys get back in the game.

  14. David Irving is suspended

  15. Nothing but the best!! Keep the great vids coming.


  17. they should make the playoff (if we have Elliot for the whole year and no major injuries). if they get Gregory back and he is in form and we can place intense pressure on quarter backs like Aaron Rogers then they can go far into the playoffs.

  18. Explain to me how an already inaccurate QB can lose an all time leading receiver in td's and a hall of fame TE and still improve…… I'll wait

  19. Good Morning Law, Well, The Philadelphia Eagles brought this upon themselves, Besides Nick Foles (Part-Time Michigan State Spartan wearing #17 & Former Arizona Wildcat) who says he wants to be a Pastor, The rest of them are getting TOO COCKY for their own Flesh just because they WON Super Bowl 52 and Bolstered up their defense by Adding Former Seattle Seahawks D-Lineman Michael Bennett and other players. They have to TONE IT DOWN a few miles because when you BRAG a lot, You will eventually get BURNED and ERUPT like a Volcano!!!! 🌋🔥

  20. Law wassup brother! It’s Yong from Hawaii have a blessed day! Mahalo

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