Play BTB Bingo throughout the Cowboys regular season finale in New York!

Our weekly bingo card for a Cowboys game is here.

We blinked and all of a sudden found ourselves at Week 17. The regular season has flown by, friends.

This is indeed the last game for the Cowboys before they venture into the playoffs and it’s a meaningless one at that. Dallas can’t improve or worsen their playoff position, they can merely sit back and watch Eli Manning do his thing once more. Is this his last game in New York? Only time will tell.

While the game is of no consequence for the Cowboys there is a game worth playing on Sunday – BTB Bingo. Here is the official card for Week 17.

It’s going to be an interesting game for the Cowboys as plenty of back ups and role players will get legitimate playing time. As is the case we’ve adjusted the bingo card to reflect the potential possibilities.

Let’s enjoy the last regular season game together. Next week is when things get spicy.

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