1. We all know Jerry ain't going anywhere so the next biggest problem Head Coach and OC are both Beta's. But it's circular problem they ain't going no where because Jerruh likes Beta's

  2. No it is not the end of the world but it should be the end for Garrett and Linehan. Get rid of those two and you will see a massive improvemet

  3. It's the end of the world.

  4. If the Cowboys don’t execute this Sunday…It’s the end of the world. Next season

  5. Lets hope Williams can get better. I don't see Collins as a tackle but once Dallas pencils in a player at a position he stays ala Green. Dallas has probably the laziest coaches around. Even the headcoach has been in house twice the last 20 years. It trickles down from Jerry.

  6. Garrett and Linehan are ruining Dak & Zeke. I'm over it man seriously its every year of this same shit. I can not support Garrett and Linehan. Kris Richard IS the next HC when this season tanks.

  7. I understand this is a run first team but when ur from behind u have to pass. All they had to do was pass it to zeek like rams do Todd Gurley lol.

  8. People have to realize that it’s a long season. This team has been hit with injuries and suspensions early. Yea it would have been a different game if David Irving and Travis Fredrick was playing but that’s not the reality right now. Patients is a virtue. And unfortunately patients is not everyone’s forte now a days. On another note these guys are rusty let them get in Rhythm

  9. Happy Monday bro, needed my coffee after a sluggish start…and looking forward to us 20 percenters to continue supporting our Boyz through thick and thin!

  10. It may not be the end but it feels like the beginning of the end

  11. Send letters to Jerry. If he knows his fan base aint happy jerry will have to reform

  12. Season isnt over it's just one game, we just didn't come ready to play. Wr didnt get open, line didn't block well (Conner, smdh, come on man), and dak didnt play that well in the first half. We didn't establish a run game. Thats facts… We going to get it right and string together some wins. Defense looks good though. #CowboysNation 4 Life… win or lose that's my team. We will be alright. Keep up the good work #LawT.V.

  13. I still believe in Dak and Zeke to make plays and win a bunch of games but I still have no confidence in Garett and Linehan. All these young QBs with trash coaches look like trash cause they are young and do what they are told and can’t that many adjustments on the fly. That’s what Romo gave us and he isn’t here anymore I have zero confidence our coaches know what to do and Dak will get crucified because of it as well. Just look at the difference with the Rams without Jeff Fisher, the eagles, the bears without Jon fox last night. All the QBs looked bad and then suddenly got a new direction from their genius head coaches/coordinators. Our O line gradually gets worse every year primarily cause we run into 9 man boxes and when we pass it’s too predictable. The opponents front 7 can be so aggressive when they play us and the O line is at such a disadvantage and they have to hold and commit penalties making matters even worse on offense. The problem is the same problem as last season we might win 8-9 games but who cares id rather we win 4-5 and our coaches get fired so we can start new with all the money we have and this new look Defense

  14. The majority of Cowboys "fans" are even worse than the way the Cowboys played yesterday. We have to be able to be productive on 1st down and running the ball in order for us to keep Dak out of 3rd and long situations. Plus penalties killed us. We can make up this loss later on the season, but first we need to bounce back against the Giants next week!!

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