1. this compilation may not be comprehensive, but i notice that unlike a marshawn lynch highlight reel, not many clips of him being hit in the backfield then breaking the hit for a gain. usually a hole for him to hit.

  2. I liked Murray, hated to see him go

  3. Eagles fans are ungrateful cunts.

  4. A DeMarco Murray Highlight video isnt complete without him running over an Eagle.Damion Square

  5. I think he’s better than Zeke.. Watching Zeke highlights it’s kinda him just running straight until someone catches him or just tackles him from the front. No juking or moves almost at all

  6. He was a good smart back…DC are so dumb for not keeping him.

  7. Before there was a zeke

  8. Dallas fans loves ya DeMarco

  9. who is number 23 defensive back for Detroit Lions he caught Bo Jackson one time and Adrian Peterson that guy is fast

  10. Murray, loved your contribution to the GAME, you brought excitement for this Cowboys' fan every time you played for Dallas! Good luck and God speed, homie!

  11. Exceptional acceleration

  12. He never looked right in that eagles jersey

  13. 2:00 that Washington safety wanted nothing to do with him

  14. Salute Murray 😎 Cowboys forever
    You had a great career in Big D famz Should have a Ring but it is what it is and will be love that Dallas Cowboys Uniform on ya 👏

  15. shouldve never left for the money we had a good thing going. But we have zeke now so i guess it all worked out

  16. He made a big mistake leaving Dallas

  17. I’ll never forget that season man mad respect 🙏🏽

  18. Too bad he got greedy. But, Zeke.

  19. Also, those last plays were in 2017 not 2016

  20. This is like watching stop motion

  21. You forgot the one were he caught a ball out the backfield and trucked an eagle player

  22. Loved demarco when he played with us , he was nasty and physical !

  23. I always like Demarco Murray. He played hard the Boys…

  24. Left a lot of meat on the bone

  25. 2014 was the year the drafted linemen got their big payday. I haven't seen the same blocking since?  Elliott made that line in 16. I challenge anyone to watch the Patriots, Steelers and Eagles offensive linemen? They are all trim and fit. After Smith our linemen look like they live upstairs from a buffett. They are awful. Shame we have Gomer Pyle as coach who NEVER calls out anyone. One td in week 16 and 17 last year with the return of Elliott says it all. "WHERES THE MONEY COWBOYS!!!!"……

  26. Should of stayed a cowboy Murray you could have ko'd that eagles lb Romo stayed healthy and had some good times 07' 09' 14' my favorite seasons Murray we have some good memories!

  27. He was a beast for the cowboys

  28. U f… up leaving Dallas. Chasn the $! And fumble when it reallt matters dipshit. Nobody forgets.

  29. The brutha entertained us something serious. But a man has to know his limitations, and as Kenny Rogers once said "YOU GOT TO KNOW WHEN TO HOLD'M and KNOW WHEN TO FOLD'M."

  30. Murray played hard for us. Was disappointed when he left. Should have stayed here and made a run. Zeke looks to have a bright future as well!

  31. I'm still annoyed he cuts it in at 0:52. If he ran straight and made it a TD that would have been one of the best runs of all-time.

  32. No matter what he did after being a cowboy, can never forgive him for that fumble In GB playoff game when that hole was soo open!

  33. Demarco knows the NFL is fucked up, so he was like let me retire before I get too broken up.

  34. I don’t give two shits about this greedy ass POS! He had one good year with Dallas and got greedy! So he decided to go elsewhere. He was never the same after he left Dallas.

  35. I hope he retires a cowboy🤞

  36. Murray was nasty. In a alternative universe we re-signed murray and ended up drafting Ramsey and played him out of position 😉

  37. Chip Kelly killed his career, I think

  38. if I'm not mistaken didn't He try to play our asses out ?? I remember half of him saying if asked to come back here " he wouldn't come back here even if something" all I remember that was the time we needed a 2nd RB but he definitely did try to play us out

  39. should have stayed in dallas but if he did zeke wouldnt be a cowboy probably

  40. Damn… Murray should have took a little less $ and stayed in Dallas.. he'd be getting ready for a Fox sports 1 or ESPN job right about now.

  41. All I remember is him getting caught from behind all the time no stamina

  42. Fumble is all I remember of Murray but in all fairness he was a good running back…just had a little studder than bam gone TD so hope he enjoys his next chapter in his career! Go Cowboys! Wassup Law thank you, Yong Wilson

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