1. If anybody has some videos of rico giving up 9 sacks in 1 game or getting the rbs killed please post it I keep hearing about how bad his blocking is but haven't seen 1 video showing him giving up 9 sacks or getting rbs killed on every down would really like to see what is all the rico can't block talk is about thanks ahead of time to who ever shows the proof!!

  2. Finally something postive Every where you go there is the Rico Bash train bandwagon Like wtf Rico has to be Randy Moss and Larry Allen at the same damn time but I don't remember escobar or any other cowboys TE's having to be that wtf!!! Good video Law Appreciate it bro big time!

  3. Rico has "got game" when it comes to the passing game, no doubt, however if he could block well consistently in the run game ( which he can, if coached & motivated properly) then he could be a 3 down TE. Garrett said he needs to comprehend different "protections" audibles & various blocking schemes.. I'd hate to let a talent like this go & develop elsewhere, although Schultz & Barwin may provide more disciplined run blocking @ this juncture in OTA's… Your thoughts Billy D. Williams..🤔 # Colt 45 & a double shot of Hen – dog…😉

  4. Duke Thomas Hook em!

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