1. Goddamn I’m telling you these young players ain’t no joke

  2. jus hope Dak can step up his game and not waist the talent we have on offense…we got some heat for defenses…I mean with rico and tavon plus Zeke and bo plus we got cole who wants,to show the new receivers how its done we added deonte hes fast plus we got Schulz who can catch and block like a olineman we have dak who can run or pass etc..like I said we are loaded..I hope Scott can come up with some good stuff to run

  3. I love to see this…He's determined to not be back on the practice squad…he will be on somebodys roster jus hopes he can earn playing time but we have so many nice receivers…I,d hate to be the person to cut the players…I like noah brown,I like cedric wilson also so who gets cut??

  4. He ain't bull💩in.. # Getting those gains..

  5. Bye T Williams you scrub

  6. What I wonder Law is we see all these new young WRs posting videos of them working out. Yet from 2014-2017 we didn't see this from our WRs. Now social media was around then & most those guys post on social media, yet we are just now seeing these type of videos? Probably just me thinking too much but its had to cross others minds as it has mine.

  7. Lenoir has been busting his ass off since… hell since OTAs. I hope it translate into a roster spot, but he might be the player fans, after seeing his work, they want to make it but doesn't.

  8. People will hate and say its fake lol

  9. Legs are on fire just watching it lol

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