1. And I'm still confused why Cowboys traded Dan?

  2. Jerry Jones thanks for a dumbass decision, miss you bailey!!

  3. Do or die for mr Bailey in Minnesota. Please please please break our kicking curse. Skol baby

  4. Still don’t understand why he isn’t on our team they better know something we don’t this is ridiculous to me I understand he had a down year to HIS STANDARDS but damm

  5. 🤣 I'm watching kicker highlights smh ☹ thanks Blair Walsh + Daniel Carlson

  6. The Vikings are now strong

  7. Hail Bailey full of grace! skol vikes 2018

  8. Welcome to the VIKINGS!

  9. Get that bitch Carlson out and get him in.

  10. Jason Garrett: "Get Clapped on Bailey!"

  11. Minnesota's like 👀👀

  12. Never knew watching kicking highlights can be so exciting! Probably because I'm a diehard vikes fan lol. #SKOL

  13. Welcome to the vikings

  14. Welcome to the Minnesota Vikings Dan Bailey!!!!!

  15. Welcome to Minnesota!!

  16. The Cleveland browns needs you sir.. I'm not a fan of the browns but I hate to see them loose by 3 almost every game because of a bad kicker..

  17. Come to the Vikings 😂😂

  18. U tellin me these dumb fucks couldn't trade him

  19. Please dont sign with a NFC East Team!

  20. Tyrone Crawford is still the 27th highest paid DLineman in the NFL. In 2017, started 16 games, played over 60% of snaps and was statistically ranked 106 among all Dlinemen. BUT< since they have moved him back inside he has looked better. Not great, not close to 27th in the league but better. But at least it shows they are serious about the Cap and players. Its 2 games, the game of football itself and the players. And beating the Cap financially with 53 players. 177,200,000 is the Cap limit as of today. We are 12th, a lot better than the 27th a month ago. Cowboy man since 1967, cannot stand anybody else except Philly whom I despise

  21. Hopefully we're still able to bring him back on a cheaper contract.

  22. Well, Brett Maher is supposed to be Dan Bailey's replacement, We will see what he can do because I don't TRUST him until I see the things that I didn't see from him (Speaking Spiritually the things which are NOT seen are ETERNAL 2 Corinthians 4:18).

  23. I will miss the GOAT but the GOAT is gonna lose a couple steps and I hope he gets it great with another team

  24. This is something the Patriots would do….I was angry at first, but his numbers have gone down quite a bit since 2015. Last year he was down to 75%…..and we save another 3.5 million in salary cap space.

  25. This one hurts a lot, Dez, Witten, Romo gone all in the past year, I’m honestly so emotionally drained I don’t even realize opening day is a week away.

  26. No special team plays? Or is tackles?He was The Puntesher 4 great reason.

  27. Dez, Whitten, Bailey… Shit

  28. After that Groin injury, he was done

  29. Time to cut the aqua green pants

  30. This one hurt to watch… 🙁

  31. That's
    my kick man T.o face I'm hurt

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