1. we Will see this year. hummm😎

  2. I agree with T.O what the hell has JG done in Dallas and JG is not the coach JJ is the coach he's been the coach since 96 I'm keeping it real Law Philly coach is in coach control that's the difference

  3. Hard to deny what TO said. And I'm not a TO fan.

  4. Garret needs to go! But the owners won't let the coaches do there job. Look at Jimmy Johnson. Two super bowls back to back and gets fired!!!! You kidding me????

  5. Garret is a shitty coach and Jerry is a shitty GM. This team has no real direction and no real leadership. Jason can come up with generic phrases like "Commitment," or "Work Hard," but his soft approach to players and his unwillingness to hold players accountable is mind boggling. Dez Bryant straight up quit on the Cowboys last year. Just rewatch that Raiders game where he quit on routes, fumbled, and threw tantrums. Any "REAL" coach would have told him to shut up and benched him for the rest of the game. But no, Garret fostered that behavior and kept clapping. Furthermore, In that Falcon game, Green was getting burned over and over again, and Garret made absolutely NO adjustments or player changes. 6 (SIX) of Adrian Clayborn's 9.5 sacks last year came in that game against Green, and yet Jason kept clapping and made NO adjustments. That's bullshit!!!

  6. yes to is spot on with what hes is saying hell if he can let go jimmy and jimmy gave them 2 superbowls then he can let go jason for not going to anything but winning 1 playoff game

  7. TO was 100% right. Yeah JG won COY but I think the talent on this team won him that award. I do like JG but this is a business. And when our team isn’t winning year after year, you gotta move on. I’m gonna leave it there.

  8. How long has Garrett been around? He was an offensive coordinator for how long before 2010? Hes Landry's antonym but we can't get rid of him…… . lol

  9. I agree with T O Garrett nothing but a OC and he needs to get back to that

  10. This is why Terrell Owens couldn’t stay in the league because he don’t know when to keep his mouth closed. Everybody talk about Jason Garrett but nobody knows what he has had to endure working for Jerry. Now with Jerry stepping back it going to be better.

  11. Stephen Ain’t having another Mediocre season .

  12. Nice Intense movie start up Intro format Law🤙🏾.. Kris Richard should be our next coach next year fuck Garrett

  13. Dang LAW SALUTE to the camera tho bro look like you can just jump out the screen awesome keep up the great work ✊

  14. Law Nation I agree with T.O. and I been saying this for the longest but I know some people are going to make excuses for him but I refused to accept any excuses especially after the Eagles won the Super Bowl in just 3 years after they fired Chip Kelly. I don't care about his potty mouth because that don't impressed me it's about results and him winning 1 playoff game in 7 years is what I see.

  15. I see it playing out the same way Jason Garrett stole Wade Phillips HC position.. Jason Garrett will soon be a sitting duck to an up & coming player loved coordinator by the name of Kris Richard… the proverbial chickens have come home to roost!

  16. •Tom Landry 1st 8 years
    110 games – 44-61 then the rest is history becomes the winnigest coach in a 20 year stretch with a winning record.

    •Jason Garrett 1st 8 years
    120 game – 67-53 to be determined I believe Jerry is being patient with him.

    Remember a dynasty repeats itself in cycles just go look at the Dallas Cowboys past years. Just saying.

  17. Oh, we can definitely as fans change the Coaching situation. Simple. Stop buying merchandise, stop going to games, stop watching the circus show. But it takes every one of us that truly care about the Star that would do this.

  18. Jwit got owens cut. Wit ran off every tight end the cowboys drafter. He never helped train of develop a back up. JWIT got dez cut.THEN JWIT retired. Jwit has sabatoged the team his entire career. He made sure everything ran through him and got EVERY ONE else who didn't fall in like with JWIT removed. They let JWitten run the offense and it has ALWAYS been SHIT. I predict next year GARRET WILL BEGONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. TO is still butt hurt. I like his ball skills but damn let it go!

  20. Law, you know how I feel bout the 🥕, but Steven is running this team now, or we would still have Dez. I have a gut feeling Steven, gonna drop the axe next year, unless we get to the BOWL, . Then maybe we can go get The Michigan coach… Jim Harbaugh. There is a big difference between being smart and being clever, and the 🥕 ain’t clever.

  21. If you think firing Garrett is the answer, you have got to be kidding. Now firing Linehan and Marinelli maybe might help some. But the Offense is fine, line is fine Wr's, Rb's and everything else except TE but it will be ok too. You can't have but 53 players and you look for upgrades at each position while staying within your salary cap.
    *20 years and the exact same approach to the Defense. The Defensive Line is not a priority and it has never had any depth in the 20 years, none. We have 3 good players upfront Collins, Irving and DLaw, THAT IS IT. And before you say TCraw, watch the game films and look at his stats for 2017. He is the 106th ranked DL in the NFL in tackles, assists, sacks, FF's, etc….106th ranked out of the NFL (NFL.COM). DLaw is ranked 11th out of the league (NFL.com). Taco is one backup and has NO experience. Kony Ealy played in 15 games and is ranked 196th, WOW, 196th in the NFL in stats for 2017. Why is this the issue every single year ? And the Dallas media writes articles about, "Cowboy DLine looks good".
    The Teams that won last year Jags, Pats, Vikings, Eagles and the teams that have WON THE LAST 5 years have all had deep DT's and DE's and rotate all the time. 5 DT's at a minimum and 6 DE's at a minimum on each of these teams. NOT my Cowboys, we do our own thing and "Bend but don't break".
    Garrett is not the problem, he does what he is told by JJ. Linehan has NEVER won before he came to Dallas. Marinelli is outdated and his philosophy is 20 years old. JJ loves them and is not going to depart from them. Stephen thinks like JJ.
    I have been ALL Cowboy since 1967.

  22. Dan Marino threw 48tds in his 2nd season

  23. No matter what corporate uniform, you put on you can never discord the uniform in which you born.SO T.O.enjoy the game.

  24. GOLD JACKET T.O. Stop tripping he has the skin color ticket to ride and you did not have it.

  25. T.O is the Godfather of bad energy teammates. Him and Dez go hand and hand. So i'd see why he would make this type of statement. If you wanted to prove me wrong then Dez would have gotten sign DAY ONE. Weeks later and he's still unsigned, because people realize how bad he is for the locker room and coaches. Garrett has one losing season. He went 13-3 with a Rookie QB and won coach of the year. The same Crowd that bashes him, but gives no alternatives is the same crowd that talked big shit about Tony Romo and then proceeded to suck him off once he was gone.

  26. 2016 coach of the year and no one had a problem with him

  27. T.O just has a grudge against Garrett

  28. Dak don't have the talent of none of the QBs you mentioned.not even close everyone just setting up the next excuse for Dak next year

  29. They went 13-3 and took they foot off the gas, that’s coaching.

  30. i cheer for everyone that wears a star but I hated to cheer for TO

  31. I agree with TO…but a lot of these management mishandling of players I'm starting to put more on Stephen then Jerry, Stephen mishandled Dez from the beginning. He did months long smear campaign. Keep in mind, Stephen didn't want to pay after Murray 1800ydrs, & didn't wanna sign Neon Deion. This just my personal opinion but Stephen is stingy, unlike Jerry, & he might not know how to handle players or maybe he just that much more cut throat & ruthless then Jerry.

  32. I agree with all u said

  33. To me it seems like Garrett needs everything to be perfect in order to win, with Garrett as our coach we haven't been consistently good with him as our coach, its basically been up and down and up and down and we have remained the same, I feel like Jerry is only sticking with Garrett because like you mentioned Law he was hand picked by Jerry and if Dallas can win a superbowl with Garrett it only makes Jerry look like a genius for sticking with him, when in reality its making him look bad for sticking with him this long with nothing to show for it but 1 playoff win

  34. Jason Garett was not reason for those wins but Jerry is reason for cowboys down fall an needs to be fired now Barry got the Jimmy Johnson guys an won

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